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  1. M

    Who is this Polynesian guy?

    Does anyone know who this Polynesian guy is?? He is sexy as fuck. Real name? Instagram? Anything??
  2. S

    NZ Onlyfans - Kiwi/Poly/Māori Guys

    Thought I'd make a list of NZ guys with OnlyFans. Always looking for hot NZ guys to follow so if you have any names, send it to me. I'll subscribe so you don't have to. This post is to get more hot NZ guys with OnlyFans out there, and to briefly say if it is worth subscribing to or not based on...
  3. S

    Samoansefa Onlyfans

    Performer Name - SamoanSefa OnlyFans Account - OnlyFans Twitter Handle - https://twitter.com/samoansefaaa Cost to Join - Varies from $5-$10 Ratings Overall Rating -- 0 Value -- Terrible value Frequency -- Next to never Responsiveness -- Very very rarely Explicitness -- Non-Nude/Tease VIP...
  4. 1

    Tyson Andrews

    He’s so hot. Anyone have anything on him? Instagram TikTok
  5. O

    Video Any Poly Guyse Out There?

    Do y'all have of any vids of Polynesian men? They're sexy as fuckk! (Samoan, Tongan, Maori, Fijian ect)
  6. B

    Polynesian celebs/bodybuilders/etc.

    Anyone got any nudes, vpl, bulge, ass, etc. of Polynesian men? Alot of white guys on this forum but barely any Poly or Asian