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  1. B

    Photos & Videos ID: UK Boy

    Anyone knows if he is still active? Perhaps under a different name? His last upload on Pornhub was about 1 year ago. His now deleted twitter was named @Jimmyjerking - https://www.pornhub.com/model/ethash24
  2. B

    Photos & Videos Hot pornhub daddy (Thegeekwiththephysique/Willy771)

    Does anyone know who this Pornhub model is? He goes by the name "Thegeekwiththephysique" as well as "Willy771" on Youporn. He wears glasses and is nicely toned. Also, considering the fact that he has the "daddy" look going on and he's instantly my ideal-man. I would like to know his socials/real...
  3. K

    Lost Video/Model

    Hey I’m looking for old videos or the name Of a model that used to post on pornhub. The top in this case would be a jock, well built and the most distinguished body marking is a wolf paw print tattoo that would be on his bottom left abdomen (the right side If you’re looking at him.) he would...
  4. B

    Video ID Help: Lost Hot Pornhub Video

    Link to video:- Im so cute and cuddly Anyone have a name of the boy or the guy in the picture below? They don`t speak alot, but from what i could hear it sounds like they are from the USA. I belive the video was originally posted to Pornhub, and that there might exist more out there...?

    Frank Serves Franks (Gay Erotica)

    "Okay is that all of the insurance that you were looking for?" (Silence) "Thank you Mr. Dickson. You are all set. If you have any further questions feel free to call us during regular business hours and one of our customer service reps will direct your call..." (Silence) "Thank you and you do...
  6. J

    Can someone remind me what his username was on pornhub?

    I know he used to have a pornhub and I’m trying to find his videos but can’t remember his username. I know it was something 22 or 20. if anyone remembers or has a drive of all his videos please let me know!
  7. L

    Help me find a gay pornnn

    So before pornhub wiped a lot of videos there was a video that was titled like Str8 clear pounded by str8 friend of something like that, but Guy A was chunkier, hairy and had a white muscle shirt on and was uncut and either Latino or middle eastern and Guy B was a Skinny white guy and they...
  8. B

    Video ID Asian Looking Boy With Older Person

    Link to video:- Im so cute and cuddly Anyone have the name of the boy in the picture below?
  9. M

    Can anyone help me find more on this guy

    I have tried to find more of this guy, he is SO HOT!!!! Have seen one other video of him but just wandering if he has an OF or not!
  10. R

    Video Anyone know who they are?

    Hi Guys, Anyone know who this couple are? More particularly the big dick top? Please Dont Fuck me my Parents are Home Please Dont Fuck me my Parents are Home Thanks
  11. E

    Who is this guy?

    Please somone who is top guy. He is russian how I know but who is he Ig, Fb somthing please
  12. M

    Diego Cavi / DiegoCavi IG, tiktok, soundcloud

    This sexy f*cker claims to have a video on P0rnhub. Can anyone find it? He has a birthmark and at least two tattoos, which should make it easier.
  13. F

    Is this shit real lmfao???

  14. P

    Help Finding Video - Straight Bro Gives Me Blowjob In My Car

    This was a video from user sadboy24 on pornhub a few years back and was one of my favorites. It no longer exists. I can’t remember the exact title but it was something like “straight bro(or friend?) gives me blowjob(or bj?) in my car”. Any help? basically just a blond guy giving head in the car...
  15. A

    Help ID this Guy

    Anyone know who this guy is in the video sucking the d!ck?
  16. J

    David moorer’s

    Let’s talk about it he’s a scammer
  17. PatrickHelou

    Please ID him

    I am trying to find who this beautiful guy is. He is so hot!
  18. B

    Video ID Anyone Have This Video Of 18yo Boy With Older Man?

    Anyone have this video of an 18yo with an older man? or at least know who they are? I found the now deleted video on kizzteen.com (I belive the video was filmed in a hotel room)
  19. A

    Where is Bareback_Preferred?

    That's his most recent name that I recall from pornhub anyways. He used to have fiery hot hookups with various guys. They were usually on the husky, muscular side, and he did one of my favorite things in hookup vids, leave in the pillow talk and afterglow chat. Any idea where his content is...
  20. H

    Cock Hero Stamina

    anyone else cock hero before? seems like a fun way to train stamina anyone got any tips or recommendations? I wish some of them didn't have the smaller video of guys trying it out like the videos below, kinda distracts from the fantasy would be fun trying this out in a circle jerk party...
  21. D

    Video Who knows this asian jocks @ on PornHub

    Does anybody know the username of this asian jock on PornHub?
  22. A

    Someone know him?

    He was in pornhub, nickname: fuckmeharderdaddy4 - but i wanna find more videos or photo of him
  23. B


    does anyone remember him? he had an xvideos acc and used to post but stopped i was following him on instagram and he used to have sex on live but then he got deleted and i havent heard anything about him since
  24. Rei Hino


    Anyone watch them? TheStartofUs on Pornhub https://linktr.ee/TheStartOfUs https://www.pornhub.com/model/thestartofus Interview
  25. D

    Peacock King

    This guy can fuck himself (see below), as well as suck his own dick. But for whatever reason, he never shows his entire face. Does anyone have a full head shot of him?
  26. D

    aspen deleted video?

    Hi! So, recently, I went to go find this hot porn video that Aspen uploaded to pornhub, and I found that it was deleted. It was his only straight porn video, and I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could find it? I can't remember the title.
  27. M

    Help Find Pornhub videos?

    I’m looking for two separate channels that were on pornhub and I can’t remember the names. One is with this curly blonde haired guy who has straight sex. In one of his videos he’s on the ground with a girl and holding her in missionary as they fuck. The other channel I’m looking for was of this...
  28. bzja2pcpt

    Geraldo_rivera OF Review (DO NOT SUB)

    TL;DR this guy regularly uses bigotted slurs in his OF videos and he hates his fans I subbed geraldo rivera a few days ago. I'd followed him on PH for a while before he got banned on there (not sure why). He's honestly very attractive and puts on a decent show when he isn't talking. There was a...
  29. D


    i just saw this video and wanted to share it with someone, imo it's really hot and aspen (top) is sexy
  30. Jeffp50

    Video Help me to find a video

    I don't expect much, but you guys are so good at finding stuff. It was a video with two boys (it was such a long time ago i don't even know if I'm recording it correctly) They were supposed to be new roomates. One came from playing some sport he was using a blue short. went to the bathroom to...