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  1. A

    Someone know him?

    He was in pornhub, nickname: fuckmeharderdaddy4 - but i wanna find more videos or photo of him
  2. A


    does anyone remember him? he had an xvideos acc and used to post but stopped i was following him on instagram and he used to have sex on live but then he got deleted and i havent heard anything about him since
  3. Rei Hino


    Anyone watch them? TheStartofUs on Pornhub https://linktr.ee/TheStartOfUs https://www.pornhub.com/model/thestartofus Interview
  4. G

    Peacock King

    This guy can fuck himself (see below), as well as suck his own dick. But for whatever reason, he never shows his entire face. Does anyone have a full head shot of him?
  5. S

    aspen deleted video?

    Hi! So, recently, I went to go find this hot porn video that Aspen uploaded to pornhub, and I found that it was deleted. It was his only straight porn video, and I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could find it? I can't remember the title.
  6. M

    Help Find Pornhub videos?

    I’m looking for two separate channels that were on pornhub and I can’t remember the names. One is with this curly blonde haired guy who has straight sex. In one of his videos he’s on the ground with a girl and holding her in missionary as they fuck. The other channel I’m looking for was of this...
  7. bzja2pcpt

    Geraldo_rivera OF Review (DO NOT SUB)

    TL;DR this guy regularly uses bigotted slurs in his OF videos and he hates his fans I subbed geraldo rivera a few days ago. I'd followed him on PH for a while before he got banned on there (not sure why). He's honestly very attractive and puts on a decent show when he isn't talking. There was a...
  8. S


    i just saw this video and wanted to share it with someone, imo it's really hot and aspen (top) is sexy
  9. Jeffp50

    Video Help me to find a video

    I don't expect much, but you guys are so good at finding stuff. It was a video with two boys (it was such a long time ago i don't even know if I'm recording it correctly) They were supposed to be new roomates. One came from playing some sport he was using a blue short. went to the bathroom to...
  10. T

    Anyone Know His Name?

    He stars in a few Club Tug videos.
  11. G


    What was his other porn name?????
  12. A

    Pornhub Vid Guy Watching Friend Jerk Off

    So the guy is letting his friend record and they like talk and stuff and the guy keeps asking if the guy came yet and the guy gets annoyed and is like not yet and then the guy asks if he can touch it or put it in his mouth or something and the guy says no and finishes. I think there were two of...
  13. throaterboy

    Bbc Tumblr Gay Compilation??

    hey everyone! before pornhub completely deleted a majority of the videos on the platform. I remember these bbc tumblr gay compilations but now they are nowhere to be found. If anyone has downloaded it when it was still on pornhub please let me know! or please porn within this thread.
  14. SuzyGirlSaysTelly

    Who Is This Boy?

    Hello I just made this thread just to ask who the fuck is this dude?! Okay he had a channel of pornhub and I had a video of him but since he wasn’t verified he lost all of his videos from pornhub due to that whole pornhub deleting spree!! I just want to know who he issss! I found some videos of...
  15. owapowa


    Anything? His pornhub is pretty hot. He reminds me of someone but dont know who. Onlyfans
  16. G

    A Video I'm Looking For (perhaps On Pornhub)

    I'm looking for a video where there's a skinny tall white guy getting a blowjob under a desk by a white girl with glasses, then her glasses are taken off and the guy licks her pussy and fucks her on the desk then on the couch. The room consists of a green-ish wall and a wooden floor parquet...
  17. N

    Please Read Hot Deleted Pornhub Gay Video

    I’m trying to find a video that used to be on pornhub gay but has since been deleted. It was an amateur white twink masturbating on his bed while kneeling, before he cums on his stomach and tastes it. I believe he had 2 or 3 videos like this on his page and his profile was called...
  18. J

    Lost Video On Pornhub

    I found this link TAKING COCK BAREBACK to a video and i extracted all the frames possible Anyone knows the name of the guys? Or anything
  19. B

    Pornhub Sucks Now And There Is No Replacement For Me. Anyone Else Feel The Same?

    I liked pornhub for the fact that everyone knew it, people posted because they wanted to not because of money, and most were unverified. Now there really isn't a replacement. Some of my favorite creators were on PH who disappeared because only verified users can upload, now I logged in and I...
  20. P

    Photos & Videos Mattyandaiden

    hi guys does anyone have videos from mattyandaiden on pornhub?? they're so hot!!
  21. U

    Photos & Videos Need Help Finding A Pornhub.com Vid

    It's a video on pornhub with your classic stepbrother and sister roleplay, in this video, they share a room with separate beds and the sister was watching the brother got in her bed started watching it with her long story short they ended up fucking. If you have any ideas on a video lmk
  22. T

    Photos & Videos Twink1928

    Hey guys i was wondering if anyone could share videos or pictures they have saved of "Twink1928". Ever since the pornhub video deletion thing happened i've lost everything from this amazing guy, he had a twitter but deleted it as well. The last few weeks he was trying to become an underwear...
  23. J

    Photos & Videos King_zeus From Chaturbate - Huge Cock!

    I’ve been watching him for a few weeks now on chaturbate (www.chaturbate.com/king_zeus) and his cock is insanely huge. I would love to watch him in action fucking someone. He also has a pornhub account under the name kingzeus87. Does anybody know/have anything of him?
  24. B

    Kevinasmr Ph Videos

    Hi everyone, I wanted to see if anyone has Kevinasmr's infamous videos that were once on his Pornhub page. I would really appreciate being able to see them. If needed please dm to negotiate. If needed I can trade files such as - günsyböys nudes - Nîck Pülös onlyfans files - Träcë Tráîner...
  25. S

    Looking For A Ph Video That Got Taken Down

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a specific video on video pornhub that seems to have been taken down with the recent purge. It's a video of a young guy (most likely 18-19 jerking off, he's quite lean and muscular, has fairly long dick. In the video he puts music on to cover the sound. The title was...
  26. N

    Help Me Find Him!

    i cant remember his name and i don’t have his photos bus this it what i remember he’s uncut, muscular, australian/british/south african sounding, a college student, pretty sure he has a tattoo he posted solo videos on pornhub and couple videos on another website i cant find him anywhere can...
  27. W

    Video Id The Bottom Guy Please

    Please help ID the bottom guy, he is very cute
  28. T

    Logannhinton -tiktok

    Does anyone know what the video this guy is talking about is?? I’d love to check it out he seems kinda hot! Thanks
  29. petera

    Who Pays For Porn?

    I'm very curious about this... Who pays for (premium) porn? I mean, most of us are subscribed to one or more VOD services like Netflix or Amazon Prime... But what about paying for porn? Pornhub Premium seems to be interesting, but also big sites like Brazzers and Reality Kings... They exist and...
  30. T

    Prostate Expert Ken Paid Posts

    he has a lot of free content her OnlyFans and here Prostate_Expert's Public Videos - Free Porn Videos & Sex Movies - Porno, XXX, Porn Tube and Pussy Porn Any one who has seen the paid content?