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  1. Rex3611

    Lawson Jones

    Sexy hetero male pornstar, 6’3”. Young, hung, handsome. circ scar isn’t as perfect as Brian Pumper or Mr. Marcus. They’re known for having pretty dicks.
  2. A

    Favourite porn star who shoots the furthest

    Right boys, who are your favourite porn stars that almost always shoots a massive load that flies high. I have a few favourites I can share but will start with D.O. He is not only a gorgeous man but fuckin hell he shoots a mile!!! Check it out here
  3. Topbreed

    Andrew Powers aka Andrew M.P. Darling

    Surprised that this cute and still fresh twink bussy doesn't have a thread. Remarkable the amount of dick he's taken and still looks fresh...!
  4. Angelgoodguy


  5. C

    What happened to Josh Long

    This guy is cute and hot. What happened to him?
  6. S

    Who is the pornstar?

    enormous White 10-Pounder nails His floozy at GayPorno.fm Thankful for help with ID:ing the top
  7. J

    the guy from big dicks on parole

    Does anyone know the guy from big Dicks on paroles name or where to find him. The blonde one. I have found some stuff under the name myunderpants4321 but nothing more.
  8. L

    Is this really Mr Bolden Bottoming for Jay nite?

    Came accross this video of Mr Bolden bottoming but not sure if he is the actaul one tho. He ends up bursting a fat nut on his stomach while getting fucked. Looks like him with the tattoos. This is the link hiding referer...
  9. harduk_16

    Real gay pornstars?

    Who are your favourite properly gay pornstars? Gay4Pay guys are ~ ok ~ but you can’t beat stroking to a guy who enjoys sucking dick or getting fucked
  10. A

    Help me find this guy, is he a pornstar ???

    Hi guys could someone help me to find this guy, i dont know if he is a pornstar or cam guy But he is soooo hot af
  11. E

    Who is this stud? TeamSkeet

    He apparently is a TeamSkeet model but I can not find his name anymore. Please help identify this burly stud. This scene is with Macy Cartel. Thanks!
  12. P

    Who's this gay pornstar?

    Can someone help me id this guy? He's Jonathan in Corbin Fisher and Matt in Sean Cody but I wanna know his real name.
  13. nwbdk

    Peter Grom

    Hotguysfuck dude Peter Grom is apparently making porn again :) post whatever of him haha
  14. D


    Narumiya Jin is a gay, Japanese, pornstar! Very engaging and super enthusiastic
  15. David Jck

    Photos & Videos Leo Domenico

    Here's a thread for one of my all time favorite pornstars Leo Domenico! He's a Cypriot hunk & sexy man with a massive cock! This thread may serve as a fanpage for this handsome man, he really deserves that recognition! Enjoy the content ;)
  16. DracoBean

    Photos & Videos XL, The Black Gay Pornstar

    So I don't know why in the world he chose a nickname like XL, it's impossible to find just his content, it's always mixed with something else. Anyways he's hot and I'd like to share him. If you have any socials of his such as Twitter or OF please post them here along with any vids you'd like to...
  17. #9 Tony Desergio

    #9 Tony Desergio

    First and foremost...look at that cockhead!! The definition of this darker complected Italian cock is one for the ages! This guy is an absolute SEX GOD OF COCK. There is just no denying him his rightful place as #9 on this list. He is so damn BIG, yet not super overwhelming like our previous...
  18. #13 Logan Long

    #13 Logan Long

    Here comes a cock and a half! His dark complexion sets this cock apart from some of the others on this list. His shaft is so straight and rigid. It is powerful. It has a commanding presence. His face has a look of swagger and confidence only a guy with a perfect penis would own. He knows...
  19. A

    Tom Hardy EL (Pornstar)

    Not to be confused with the actor, this is a hunk on a pornsite EL And other sites too I believe. Anything on him? He's hot!
  20. P

    Anyone know what happen to Mateo Fernandez?

    Does anyone know what happen to Mateo Fernandez? He did gay porn for a while, super hot. Anyone know what hes up to now? Or what his real name is?
  21. T

    Photos & Videos MikeHunt3x

  22. Shlevy10

    Short guys with big dicks

    Hii guys, I’m looking for some pics of short guys with big dicks... it’s so sexy- I love short guys
  23. D

    Samson Biggs

    Samson Biggs aka Samson Williams is a bodybuliding, bisexual pornstar! He has a lot to offer to all genders!
  24. W

    ID Request: Help find more of hunky young twink Prince from Studpups?

    There's a porn website called Studpups.com. It's mostly solos, with a small number of "two guys" videos that don't seem to involve a lot of sex. The site seems to be the latest project of the guy behind StraightCollegeMen.com, if you remember that site. The vast majority of its videos are...
  25. P

    Justin Saradon

    BA’s twink Justin Saradon, one of my favorites. He is a passionate performer, working for the studio for quite many years. (It’s very hard to guess if he still active.) Anybody likes this beautiful boy? What do you guys think?
  26. D

    Mark Kraynak

    I was obsessed with the guys cock: hot guy mark kraynak shows it to the world https://m.boyfriendtv.com/videos/557549/nick-l/ Anyone have any other videos of him?
  27. P

    Kian O’Connor

    This Hungarian boy has about 10 videos on Belamionline and Freshmen. He seems to be a total top (as we haven’t seen him bottoming) but there might be some more videos that are still archived. To me he seems very promising with his good look and perfect package! Anyone knows if he shoot porn...
  28. D

    Angelo Silva

    Best cock and balls ever, always wanted him to be a conquest. He seems to have vanished though? Awesome porn star.
  29. D

    Andre Donovan

    A solid pornstar who always delivers the goods! Reckon you could handle him?