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  1. siwonkwan

    Photos & Videos Adam Veller (Josef Janouch)

    Since I didn't find any thread about it, I decided to create one. He is an actor from the Czech Republic, who gained fame after he participated in a scene in Czech Hunter. After gaining fame, he did several scenes as a twink, both gay and bisexual. He was arrested for tax evasion in 2019 and...
  2. W

    looking for men with similar body type/physique

    looking for onlyfans creators or pornstars who have a similar physique to the guy in the pictures, really nice defined muscles and stuff (don’t know exactly how to describe it)
  3. F

    Who are these guys? What studio?

    I NEEEEEEEED to know who these guys are or which porn studio they're from.
  4. princediamond8

    Turn-offs that ruin a video for you

    This is a thread for discussing things in videos that turn you off. Say you clicked on a video and then upon watching it something happens or you realizing something that made immediately click off or skip. Feel free to explain why too. I'll start: - Rosebuds - Feces (I know it's an anus and...
  5. 2

    Can anyone tell me who this is?

    Does anyone know who this is at all? I have tried to look but had no luck in identifying him, so any help would be appreciated. :)
  6. J

    Gay Porn Stars I Think Are Hot

    Honestly I just wanted somewhere to post a megalist of sexy porn stars, and if your type is similar to mine. Add yours. Pictures and videos of any of these people is always welcome, duh I love dick. - Slate Powers - Cameron Jones - Marc Vidal - Gattouz0 - Troy Brandt Boys - Allen King - Brent...
  7. Literalhoe

    Dale from Like Em Straight

    I'm surprised there is not a single thread looking to find this hot twink! Please, help me find who this guy is or does anyone know where I can watch more porn that he did or where I can follow him. Thank you!
  8. josumasturbator

    Photos & Videos Some of my porn content made by me

  9. R


    This tiktok account refuses to give up this guys name, anyone have an idea? not sure what accent this is…maybe swedish?
  10. G


    Hey guys, does anyone knows this hot male insta or any other social media ? he is an escort in Paris, well reviewed and dominant
  11. S

    Titch Jones Forum

    Hi everyone! I've always been a huge fan of the great Titch Jones, and after all these years that he's been missing, I find it interesting to know if anyone has any information of him currently, or if he's continued to shoot more porn this recent years, thank you!
  12. I

    Landon Conrad

    noticed that there was no full thread about him so had to start one
  13. K

    does Cameron Adams have any social media?

  14. M

    Confirmed dick sizes

    There seems to be a lot of this pornstar is this length and that width. I was wondering if there are confirmed actual length and widths. If none are their sizes the community wholeheartedly agrees upon in which this pornstar is really this size? Not just some random measurement but an actual...
  15. T

    Just Found Out Al Parker Was Actually Bisexual; don't know how to feel

    So I discovered a very rare 1985 interview of Al Parker online, originally featured in the first issue of Torso. It's a lengthy interview, and within Al Parker sort of revealed his bisexuality. Here's roughly what I found. 1. When he was working at Playboy, he met many beautiful girls and was...
  16. H

    Gregg Rockwell/ Justin Stephens (Pornstar)

    Gregg rockwell collection of photos
  17. I

    Can anyone ID this twink?

    Can anyone ID this hot twink? Young Tony gets fucked - Just the Gays
  18. H

    Video Who are these pornstars?

    Does anyone know who are these guys? Doing The Dishes And more at GayPorno.fm Thanks
  19. Wil16

    Danny Montero

    Surprised there isn't a thread for this mexican hottie
  20. L

    Breno Dias

    Breno Dias é um modelo e ator pornô gostoso pra CRLH. Tudo o que tiverem dele postem aqui ❤️
  21. D

    Please ID this hot Top

    Hey, can anyone tell me the name of this hot top here? the Website ain’t giving me any names here’s the video: Gay Fuck, Huge Ass Gay, Rim Fuck - Gay.Bingo
  22. Maikel

    Logan Pettit (and Tayte)

    I thought I'd start a thread for him since he is so hot but he don't really appear in any of his husband's OF. His insta is @loganpettit and his husband is @accidentallyaaron
  23. alexander_jurard

    Dean Monroe

    Dean Monroe Who remembers or has rediscovered this pornstar who spent over a decade in the business from the mid 2000s on? Dean was an English cheeky chappy who had a lovely accent and was a great actor. Brought some nice sophistication to American porn. :kissing: :kissing: :kissing: Very...
  24. alexander_jurard

    Craig Reynolds

    Craig Reynolds Does anyone remember this big, beefy, hunky fucker who bottomed in the early 2010s? Craig was a voracious, hungry, bad bass bottom. Banging body, handsome, big dick, meaty ass, muscles for dayyys. We are talking greek god level sculpted. This man had an ability to get pounded...
  25. JaykeJon

    Does Anyone know who this Former Pornstar is?

    I found this guy on TikTok who goes by Jae or WristyJae. He had mentioned in a Live that he was a Former Pornstar but he won't say his former name. Please Help
  26. P

    Jax Thirio

    Hi, i'd like to know more about this guy, Jax Thirio. Where is he from, have you ever seen him somewhere? Does he still shoot scenes, which are you favourite scenes? Has he some crime history, did drugs, was he in prison?
  27. B


    Can anyone please tell me who this fit straight guy is, i can't find any info anywhere and he is so beautiful, thanks alot
  28. freshphony

    Naked hairy, bearded and sexy men

  29. C

    Anyone knows this hot pornstar?

    Anyone knows this hot hairy hunk? He got this tattoo too if that helps. Anyone knows his name?
  30. C

    Does anyone know this pornstar?

    Does any of you know this hot guys’ name? Here’s a photo of him. Please help, I really need to know his name.