1. C

    Portland OR Strip Clubs

    Hi, A newbie to the Portland gay strip club scene and wanted to see who people's favorite strippers were and why. My favs (all at Silverado): Purple Glaze...wow. Hot guy, great kisser, huge dick, great conversations, hot private dance, artist. Too bad he's straight! Drake...one of the most...

    Will be traveling out to Portland!

    Birthday is coming up, heading out to Portland for the first time ever. Looking for recommendations and places to see and be Love a good dive bar and live music.
  3. n0kiaX


    i think he’s so cute, he deserves a bit more recognition lmao!! also his vids r hilarious and hot!
  4. J

    In The Portland, Or Area August 17, Would Love To Be Introduced To My First Big Cock

    Hi there- I'm a "mostly straight" guy who's had this account for forever but always just used it for looking. I guess this is the week that I do something else with it. I'll be in Portland (technically the Willamette Valley, just south of there) by myself on Tuesday, August 17th. I've been...
  5. M

    Anyone In Portland

    Any other hung men in portland? Drop a pic. Lets chat
  6. K

    Portland La Fitness

    Anyone on here go to the LA Fitness in the pearl? Is it just me or is this a hotspot for gays to get together? Just signed up & have been in a handful of times, pretty hot
  7. K

    Anyone In Pdx Down For Dl Fun?

    Looking for some low key, DL fun in Portland. 21 years old here. Open to SD’s
  8. cork8x6

    Portland, Or — Stumptown Strokers J/o Group

    Stumptown Strokers is a new-ish J/O club in Portland, OR for men (ages 21+). Interested in learning more about the group and joining our next event in April? PM me for info.