1. G

    Nude Portuguese Models from modelosmasculinos.net

    Hey, everyone! In case you don't know, this Portuguese photographer shares photo shoots with nude models on his website. The men are gorgeous, but there's no frontal nudity. I wonder if anyone knows/has more content from any of his models. It's possible a few of them has already done some other...
  2. S

    Tiago Rijo

    Hey everyone! Do you have anything on Tiago Rijo? He his a personal trainer in Portugal. His insta is: @tiagorodriguesrijo
  3. 129JOHN

    Pedro Neto

    Don't think there's a thread already for the Portuguese footballer Pedro Neto - so am starting one now...
  4. pharaoh44onearth

    The Best of portuguese hunks (feel free to post)

    Hey\ Oláá to all! I decided to make a thread for anyone to post here all the hot male portuguese hunks (actors, models, influencers. whatever u name it, as long as they are 18 or over), for everyone to enjoyyyy and discuss
  5. 1

    João Palhau?

    Alguém tem alguma coisa dele?
  6. Malany_hill85

    Portuguese speakers, unite!

    This a thread for Brazilians, Portuguese or any Portuguese speakers from other countries s to change content, get followers and just know each other. Will change to Portuguese from here ;) Ei pessoal, faz tempo que queria criar um tópico para os lusófonos falarem na nossa língua materna aqui...
  7. muscle_lover

    João Neves (Portuguese Soccer Player)

    João Neves is a portuguese soccer player. Born on 27.09.2004. Currently he plays on SL Benfica and has a cutie face and hot ass and bulge. I see a great future for him.
  8. HermssDa

    Links Hot Str8 Portuguese OF

    Hot Portuguese Friend started and OnlyFans, if you’re interested: OnlyFans
  9. D

    Bruno Salgueiro (Portugese fitness YouTuber)

    Bruno is a charming, funny content creator - very popular in Portugal, and very charming (and hot). He often manages to sneak blurred (and not-so-blurred) nudity into his YouTube videos, and some of his workout techniques are quite titillating (often on purpose)! Some of my favorite videos of...
  10. H


    mr_miguelangelo Any content you can post will be well received :)
  11. R

    Portuguese boys

    Alguém tem alguma coisa dos vários rapazes portugueses com OF, q queira partilhar?
  12. msriffraff

    Joel Conceição - yummy

    Help me find more of this GORGEOUS guy!!!
  13. D

    ptmiguelsantos - portugal

    Can someone find any content from this hot stud? He has twitter and onlyfans
  14. logan23

    Hairy Skinny Bottom from Portugal

    60kg 177cm tall portuguese bottom, born in 1990. Love me some hairy bears, dirty daddies etc.Undies are a big turn on as well as mushroom cockheads. Dirty talking is a plus. Nice to see all the good stuff around these parts.
  15. B

    A thread for the portuguese

    Boas! Já tenho um pequeno grupo tuga de skype, mas se fosse maior dava para encontros até. A ideia é manter o espírito do lpsg hahaha venham mais dotadões! skp: shiznit159
  16. Aaron888

    Jose Condessa

    Any updates of jose condessa. ?
  17. P

    Juan Henning

    Someone have more pics of this hottie? He is from South Africa and lives in Portugal.. https://www.instagram.com/juan_henning
  18. Z

    Portugal Gay Snapchat

    If youre not from Portugal, please ignore this thread. Boas! Tomei a iniciativa de criar um grupo no snapchat exclusivamente para pessoal gay português, que já conta com alguns participantes, mas o objetivo é abrangir o maior número de pessoas possível. Para isso, peço vos que se quiserem...
  19. 8

    Photos & Videos Ig: Vaskuv (young Bodybuilder) With Sucking Video

    has someone more of this young bodybuilder (Vasco Vicente)? you probably know him as the camboy "kingfaray" on chaturbate where he and his friends sucked each other... he doesn't do gay thing anymore but i wish he will be convinced to open onlyfans... Instagram: Vasku (@vaskuv) • Instagram...
  20. Le3chex

    Sisley Dias, Duarte Gomes (os Nossos Dias)

    I stumbled upon this Portuguese show - Os Nossos Dias - on YouTube and got sucked right into this wonderful storyline. It’s a soap opera series on a conservative Portuguese channel. There is a love triangle between two extremely hot Portuguese actors (Sisley Dias and Duarte Gomes) - one (Sisley)...

    Photos & Videos Sir Peter (onlyfans)

    hey guys! Sir Peter caught my eye lately and I was delighted with him ... this big cock is really beautiful and he is so handsome overall. if you have any video from his onlyfans feel free to add it here! ;):) he also started to fuck in TimTales recently, but I think his amateur porn might be...
  22. B

    Gonçalo V Pinto

    Portuguese beauty.