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  1. B

    Alexandre Santos (Portuguese Comedian)

    Assumidamente hétero e fora dos padrões corporais, mas às vezes dou por mim a pensar nele. Alguém tem algo dele? Insta: @alexandresantoscomedy Twitter: @BinhasOnte
  2. Marco Tony

    Hot Portuguese Men

    You can share your pictures and videos of hot portuguese men here. Please only post in english. So everybody can understand. Sir Peter
  3. B

    A thread for the portuguese

    Boas! Já tenho um pequeno grupo tuga de skype, mas se fosse maior dava para encontros até. A ideia é manter o espírito do lpsg hahaha venham mais dotadões! skp: shiznit159
  4. Y

    João Bettencourt Brito (portuguese Actor)

  5. P

    Portuguese Couple Onlyfans

    Anyone ever saw these guys? They are hot! OnlyFans
  6. G

    @matheusflork On Twitter

    Does anyone have any content of him? His onlyfans is @marstoy, but I can’t find anything. Really want to see him in action
  7. P

    Kennyladxxx Of

    I used to sing this account but appears that the model has shut down the page... OnlyFans Someone has some content of the model? He used to be on twitter with the same usermane, and in the cam4 with the alias "deathraysk8". Thanks!
  8. Le3chex

    Sisley Dias, Duarte Gomes (os Nossos Dias)

    I stumbled upon this Portuguese show - Os Nossos Dias - on YouTube and got sucked right into this wonderful storyline. It’s a soap opera series on a conservative Portuguese channel. There is a love triangle between two extremely hot Portuguese actors (Sisley Dias and Duarte Gomes) - one (Sisley)...
  9. Bousmock6662

    Gonçalo V Pinto

    Portuguese beauty.
  10. R

    Gonolivier On Instagram

    Does anyone have some hot pics or vids of Gon Oliver? I'm pretty sure he's gay and he's hot . Anyone has had sex with this guy?? He's portuguese
  11. L


    All portuguese actors, models, celebrities whatever you want
  12. Z

    Portuguese Snapchat Group

    Creating snapchat group for Portuguese speakers Criando grupo exclusivo para brasileiros, portugueses, etc. deixe seu nome do snap aí em baixo tmj
  13. 1

    Miguel Grande

    Anyone have anything on Miguel Grande? Instagram: MIGUEL GRANDE (@miguelgrande8) • Instagram photos and videos
  14. 1

    Miguel Grande

    Anyone have anything on Miguel Grande? Instagram: MIGUEL GRANDE (@miguelgrande8) • Instagram photos and videos
  15. A

    Portuguese Model Francisco Henriques

    Any nudes? His ig FRANCISCO HENRIQUES (@kikohenriiques) • Instagram photos and videos