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  1. Malany_hill85

    Show you big cock in POV

    I found no threads of big cock being shown off in POV, so I am starting one since I love POV pics... Share yours, too, guys! From other POVs as well...
  2. M

    Who is this top?

    Who is this top?
  3. M

    Only fans recommendations - Hung twinks/jocks/daddies

    Some recommendations: 1, Jocks onlyfans.com/mikeherrera Beautiful big dick jock, very passionate, fucking twinks, bb, sometimes condom to bareback, POV is amazing if you like to watch from behind. Twinks with different costumes. The best twink fucker on OF, orgasm guaranteed Price is ok for the...
  4. K

    Any more of this blonde boy sucking?

    Anyone have more of this couple? They posted on xtube years ago as "twinkydong," and before that as "azakura_yoh" and "sano_kun" but most of their videos have disappeared. They were almost all POV of the blonde sucking the other guy, and a few were widely reposted but I assumed most others were...
  5. R

    Anyone know who this is?

    The top in this video has a few floating around…tattoo on his hand, and voice may be recognizable. Does anyone know who he is and if he has any other videos? Love verbal bj vids…
  6. J

    Anybody know videos similar to the creampie at 16:00?

    The ending to this vid is unique in the sense that the guy just keeps going out and in out and in even after cumming but a lot of other videos the guy doesnt do this for very long maybe like once in after the creampie and then thats it but this guy just keeps going and its very hot so would be...
  7. J

    Photos & Videos Videos where its the guy who asks the girl if he can cum inside her pussy

    So many videos are always about the girl begging for cum but there's like 0 I've found that the guy is the one who asked to fill the girl so it would be great if someone could find a good amount of videos with this description (POV would also be cool if possible)
  8. bluespy55

    Photos & Videos pov blowjob & handjob

    Anyone got any good pov blowjob/handjob videos? For example:
  9. J


    can anyone identify this guy? I saw him and i wondering where hes from and wnat site.
  10. toshii26


    Hello! Im new to this forum and im using this too for finding people who have videos of this site.... kindly pls help my find a way, btw they are extremely hot and kinda kinky. can anybody share the links? or share the videos? i would be eternally grateful for it. ;):sweat::):):):blush::yum:heart:
  11. GP_NSFW

    Photo POV suck my cock

    Post a POV photo that makes it look like someone is on their knees ready to suck you off. :emoji_smirk: You can reply to the other photos to say if you will like suck this cock. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  12. A

    Photos & Videos Identify: Muscle guy POV fucks toys

    Can someone id this muscle guy? He probably has onlyfans.
  13. J

    Photos & Videos ideos Where Guy Cums Inside Girl But Doesnt Pull Out What So Ever And Keeps Fucking Without Pulling Out Once.

    Ight so I can't seem to find many videos where this occurs because most of what i find is good but not what I'm specifying exactly. The only 2 videos ive found with this description is these 2 @ 4:05 @ 12:22 If anyone knows of any other videos like this please let me know it would be...
  14. H


    Hey everyone, I signed up a year ago but totally forgot I did until I tried to sign up again today and it said my email address was already being used so even though it may say somewhere that I’ve been here a year, today is actually my first day on. I joined because I’m genuinely curious how I...
  15. J

    Photos & Videos Videos where guy cums inside girl but doesnt pull out what so ever and keeps fucking without pulling out once.

    Ight so I can't seem to find many videos where this occurs because most of what i find is good but not what I'm specifying exactly. The only 2 videos ive found with this description is these 2 @ 4:05 @ 12:22 If anyone knows of any other videos like this please let me know it would be awesome...
  16. I

    First person pov

    Does anyone have any good first person pov vids, where the guy is pretending to fuck you while dirty talking? Some examples
  17. B

    Photos & Videos Under guy POV and cum over camera

    I love videos where the camera is on the floor or at an angle under the guy jerking off. Lets share some videos of this. Like facesitting POVs too where a guy squats over the camera or cums over it.
  18. J

    ID on this guy?

    Hi everyone. DOes anyone know the name of the top in this vid or have the link to the full video. He is so sexy. Id on top?
  19. H


    IDK but photos taken from below - POV of you kneeling down on someone - turns me on. Care to share your favorite pics you have? This one from S/@dra are my absolute faves
  20. Astx222

    Photos & Videos Clips where cammers make out with the screen

    HI! Do you have clips where the cammers do a POV scene where they make out with the screen?
  21. J

    Help ID'ing this guy in this video?

    I found this video on the thisvid site and I tried asking the guy who uploaded it who the guys in the video is multiple times but refuses to respond to me for whatever reason (though, he was pretty quick to friend me back so idk). Would you guys please be of any help because he's really hot and...
  22. greatbazooka

    Who is this couple? Dude is girthy as hell

    The girth on that dick is wild. I need to know the name of these two. https://18yos.co/videos/44582/18yo-chokes-on-thick-white-cock/
  23. greatbazooka

    Help me find these two

    I neeeeeed to find out who that bottom is. Anyone got info?
  24. L

    ID ???

    anyone know where i can find this sexy fucker? x POV- Straight Alpha Towers over & Humiliates You - ThisVid.com
  25. Lemlucifer8888

    Photos & Videos ID This Muscle Hunk Flexing Abs POV style?

    So I found this short clip of this guy flexing his abs in bed and I’ve been obsessed trying to find a longer version or who the guy is. I’ll really take any information you might have about this guy. On yandex I did a reverse image search and I get the sense there used to be a longer video...
  26. M

    Who Is This Guy?!

    Hey guys... I've seen this video in some random instagram pages but I haven't found out who he is :( He is hot ASF! Does anyone know his name, his IG or TIK TOK?!?!?!?! THANKS!
  27. T

    Big Cock Pov

    Incredibly, I didn't find a thread for this yet, and for some reason these are quite hard to find. I'm sure I'm not the only one who likes these, so I started a thread. Here is one to start us off.
  28. Jupitune

    Links Porn Where Men Talk Dirty To You

    I'm a huge fan of videos where guys talk dirty / and role play with you. I don't care about the orientation as there's a good mix of them showing their face and cock, looking at you into , dominating you verbally, talking dirty to you, and making you feel like you're being fucked. It's super...
  29. Sunday blowjob ♡

    Sunday blowjob ♡

  30. Sunday morning blowjob ♡

    Sunday morning blowjob ♡