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power bottom

  1. M

    Tony Acosta

    Born April 7, 1972, Tony Acosta was one of the hottest Latin bottoms in the gay porn industry. His ass was absolutely plump, hairless, and always had a sexy tan line. Does anyone know what happened to him? Thoughts?
  2. M

    Dominik Rider

    This here is the bareback queen Dominik Rider. One of the best cum dumps in the gay porn industry. His ass could turn out any straight man. I would give my left nut to taste his bussy juices. Thoughts??
  3. M

    Vinny Marchegiano

    This former gay pornstar Vinny Marchegiano is a man of many names. His previous pornstar names were Jordan Vaughn and Tyson Riggs. He identifies as bisexual. He has one of the nicest asses on the net. Smooth, hairless, and puckered hole. If anyone has anything on him feel free to share.
  4. M

    Jim Slade

    Who remembers this gay pornstar Jim Slade? He was one of the best power bottoms in porn. What is his back story? Where is he now?? Thoughts???
  5. B

    Power Bottom ID Help

    venyveras Can anybody help? He's so fucking hot... I love a big dick bottom. Watching his hole grip on that dick...
  6. johntennis69

    Vincent O'Reilly

    My favorite power bottom. I didn't discover Vincent until his Next Door Studios scene with Dakota Payne.....man was I missing a lot (and it's my all-time favorite NDS video ever, which is saying something since they've shot so many!)! Vincent takes cock like an absolute champ, can ride/grind...
  7. R

    Video Bottoms who want it hard (when cumming)

    I love watching bottoms who enjoy being fucked hard. I always search for accidental and/or handsfree cumshots from bottoms or videos where bottom orders top to go garder. I find especially hot the moment when the bottom is about to cum and he tells the top to go harder. I guess it’s because I...
  8. R

    Links Bottoms Saying “harder!” Before Cumming

    Probably because I know the feeling I find it super hot when a bottom asks the top to go harder when he’s about to bust a nut. It also somehow cracks the code of “regular porn” for me because suddenly it’s not all just pretending they like it the same all the time but actually verbalising that...
  9. B


    He's so sexy!
  10. B

    Photo Muscle Bottoms With Huge Pecs & Big Tits, Like Zandro Cruz

  11. iluvmen

    Lex Chambers-perfect Manpussy

    Hi guys. Anyone has anything on Lex Chambers? Do you know his Instagram? https://twitter.com/BootynDick He's a super smooth Euro muscle guy with a perfect round bubble butt that takes big dicks like a champ and stretches like a pussy...
  12. Archiluca

    Horny Tops For My Power Bottom Bff

    Hi guys. I would create a Thread or Chat Group of horny Tops for my slutty best friend and his yummy bubble butt. He is @thesluttyboy and this is his big hungry ass: 4440611 4490761 4433481 who wants to participate?
  13. A

    Who Is He?? (power Bottom Hunk)

    Twitter anybody know???
  14. 1

    Video Best Power Bottoms

    Share videos/photos of your favorite power bottoms... VOTE IN THE POLL
  15. A

    Ddime 18 Big Booty Ig

    Any new videos and pics his IG: @ ddime 18 thickazzque
  16. S

    Edward nick (latino big booty)

    Been following this guy on and off for a while. Probably has one of the biggest asses that I've ever seen. Plus, he has a jff where he has videos of him being a power bottom.... Does anyone have anything uncensored or the videos of him? Twitter: iedwardnick