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  1. Topbreed

    Nathan Luna Fan thread

    Surprised this sexy Columbian power bottom doesn't have his own thread yet. @nathanazzz
  2. C

    Photos & Videos Men Sticking Out Their Tongues

    I've recently discovered @thenewbru (twitter.com/thenewbru). Oh boy, I can't even express how hot he is! A gorgeous face, a god-like body and lots of lust – he has it all. And thanks to him, I've found out that I'm into guys that stick out their tongues out of the sexual excitement. Even though...
  3. majito2075

    Photos & Videos help me identify this hot bottom of Twitter!

    does anyone know anything about him? his id or OnlyFans or Twitter? it would be very much appreciated!
  4. ncfzsr88

    Photo Powerbottom On Twitter

    No thread of him on here afaic. His name is Scott and apparently he’s from Ontario, Canada. One of the juiciest ass on the internet, I’d say
  5. 1

    Scott stedman? anymore on him

    Does anyone have anymore on this guy. Apparently his name is Scott Stedman his tumblr was Powerbttmfag and is now deleted. Uncle Jesse - ThisVid.com
  6. J

    Photo Charedjoewallrob

    This ass is unreal.
  7. fastandfurious01

    Video Bottom scratching top’s back during rough sex

    Hi guys, I know it’s abig niche but does any one know of any vids where the bottom really goes to town on a top’s back while getting fucked, especially if it’s a muscular back. It’s meant to be an indication of really good sex lol. Most likely they would be in missionary for this. Thanks.