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  1. Acetec70

    Bottom Cums Accidentally Or Prematurely

    Looking to see if anyone out there knows of any videos where the bottom cums accidentally Or like super fast after the top starts fucking. Bonus if the top keeps going
  2. J

    Video Light Embarrassment: Young Dudes getting Pee Shy, Premature Cum, Small Penis, but NO shame

    So I might be the only one with this strange fetish, but I get totally turned on by young hot guys being a little embarrassed or vulnerable. Even though I really like that, I am totally turned off by "shaming" like we see with SPH sometimes. What does it for me is a guy sort of recognizing he's...
  3. Alittlebit

    Video Premature/accident Cumshots

    So I've noticed that there is a thread that could be similar to his one, but the contents were from pornhub, so most of it are gone. So I've decided to create a new one for all the premature/accident cumshots lover like I am. (Or you could share your own content! ;) Hoping that those who are...
  4. A

    Cumming Early And Edging

    Hi all First time creating a thread, I hope this is the right place. Well the thing is, I have always enjoyed doing edging while jerking , even before knowing that was called. I always tried to prolong the pleasure as much as possible in each wank session then I learned a bit mor about edging...
  5. thickcock82

    Skype Pe Jerk Contest

    Straight married guy here. I also struggle mightily with PE. But I’m pretty competitive and would love to JO with other guys via Skype to see who can last longer. Loser gets verbally destroyed, and has to admit his loss in this thread. Anybody up for the challenge? live:.cid.32446fa51c74be1c
  6. R

    Vids Where She Makes Him Cum Instantly

    I saw a post on here a while ago and I can't find anymore :( I love videos where both either the girl or guy cum almost instantly, so post away. The particular video I loved was amateur looking, where a cougar started sucking a young guy off and he cum over her face almost instantly!
  7. R

    Superman Cosplay

    I stumbled across this video (no, it’s not me) on Xhamster and thought it was so bizarre that I had to share it. It’s a guy dressed as Superman having sex with a blow up doll. It’s kind of hilarious.
  8. A

    Cockhero competition

    So here's what I'd like to try. We find a CockHero video we both like, get on Skype and start the vid at the same time as each other. Then we wank to the beat and the first one to cum loses. Ideal if you like to show your prowess over other guys by lasting longer than them, but also if (like...