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  1. marriedasian

    Women With Unrealistic Expectations, Let's Discuss

    let me preface that my wife and i have very high expectations of each other in correlation to what we have to offer or am expecting. i'm in a constant state of bettering myself both mentally and physically and i do expect the same of my wife (as she is doing the same and expects the same of me...
  2. V

    Big Dicks On Netflix, Prime, Hulu Ect.

    Seems like every new show I watch has cocks in it. Share your favorites here.
  3. W

    Video Amazon prime porn?

    I'm sure someone here has Amazon Prime and can answer this question. Does having Prime allow you to watch any of their streaming videos for free, or could there still be a fee for some titles? Would something like this play for free? Amazon.com: Watch After School Special | Prime Video Or...