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  1. M

    Private Sauna Appointment with Friend

    Looking for some advice here from you all. I have a friend who I met a while back while teaching yoga together, and we've become close over the last 6+ years. He and his partner are in an open relationship and we've talked about it before. Not necessarily in the context of me joining them in...
  2. M_rhui

    Caio Turco D4d'sboy o gostosão

    Al, ele tem uma conta no twitter, e um onlyfans e counts privaty com o nome de @D4d'sboy.
  3. KTOSLosek

    Private Videos

    Hey everyone I'm going to have my birthday soon and i think that would be great to see some cool hot well build guy jerking off for me..... Do you know which gay pornstars are doing private videos/videos on demand? If yes, which site ?
  4. M

    Fat Guy Going To The Gym

    Used converter from CM to FT / KG to LBS (Sorry for my English) Height: 174cm/5ft + 8.50in Weight: 111kg/244Lbs Age: 36 Some background: I have an old injury (broken bone in the knee) and recent injury (twited knee on the broken leg) which happened multiple times over the years. I limp as I...
  5. badger76

    Glory Hole In E14 London

    Private discreet gloryhole in E14 London Looking to suck some big cock through my private gloryhole in East London. 100% safe 100% discreet covid friendly
  6. F


    This thread is where LPSG members can alert and warn others about (alleged) scammers on the internet. These are web personalities who will take money but never share the exclusive content that was paid for.
  7. H

    Cupertino, California

    Who in the Bay is down to come to my Starbucks while I’m working and get sucked off in the private bathroom we have before I have my last shift? I also am down to meet up with People in the Santa Clara, Downtown San Jose and Willow Glen Area :)