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  1. C

    Erectile dysfunction due to porn

    Hello, I've been watching porn since I remember, my brain must be so fucked because of that. The problem is when I try to have a real sexual relation, even when I really like the guy, I can't hold an erection if I'm not constantly estimulating/touching myself and sometimes not even that is...
  2. D

    Please Help! Creator On Onlyfans Not Replying

    hey everyone there's a specific onlyfans creator who i subbed to last week and i sent them a message right when i subbed and they haven't replied at all yet but they keep posting promotional posts and posting ppv content in messages i asked them how i could buy the full length videos from their...
  3. 7

    My Brother Wears Sweatpants With No Underwear

    Hi Guys, I live with my mum and dad and 3 brothers, one of my brothers always wears sweatpants with no underwear. Even if we are going out, I can see the full definition of his cock. I’m gay but not out but also want to tell him that I can see his dick, but don’t want him to think why is he...
  4. JockLover1989

    Underwear Obsession

    So, I’ve been obsessed with underwear since the third grade (give it take a few years). I have invested in quite a collection of over 400 jockstraps and about 130 bikini swim briefs . . . and of course athletic shorts and harnesses and even recently a sling. Anyways, I’m finding that my time to...
  5. M

    Photo Tough Penetration

    Hello, I am looking for the scenes where girls have problem with taking dicks. I mean that their faces or budies express that the penetration is problematic. Best Regards