1. drybones

    What's something important i should ask an Escort before having him over to my house for some months

    I've been talking for a while with this guy who sells content and we got to an agreement where he was gonna come live with me for some time and i was gonna pay for that, but it's my first time hiring an escort and i don't know what i should ask, i don't wanna cross a line saying something...
  2. N

    Paid sex with prostitutes/escorts/hookers

    Here's a couple of my favorites: Serbian sailor shooting his cum inside a Caribbean prostitute Him with another escort, also filling her up with his sperm and enjoying it very much.... Another one, this time he brought a friend and they fucked two hookers together A guy fucking a prostitute...
  3. T

    How a New York Bronx Kid became a Male prostitute... The touching short story film

    LGBTQIA Short film: Watch as Reporter (John Aprea, "The Godfather Part II," "Another World") is doing a story on life on the streets pays a young hustler (newcomer Jonathan Kos-Read) to tell him how he wound up where he is. Confessions of Male Prostitute.
  4. 1

    How Was Your First Time With A Prostitute?

    So I was 24 at the time. Friend told me he visited a whorehouse and that the girls are like any other only sluttier. I said wtf I’ll five it a go. Was single at the time doing amateur bodybuilding so constantly jacked up on all sorts of sups that gave me constant hardons and balls full of cum...
  5. sexfanatic

    Diaries Of An Escort - @bebedelr (twitter)

    This dude is an escort on Twitter and just started a new Just For Fans. His name is Pedro Zbutea. Pedro (@BebedelR) | Twitter Instagram DiariesOfAnEscort @ JustFor.Fans