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pubic hair

  1. More hair, more pleasure? Two years after the last cock shaving

    More hair, more pleasure? Two years after the last cock shaving

    On June 19, it's been 2 years since my penis last saw a razor. It was 2020 and I shaved my shaft and testicles with the intention that I will not do it for next year. I made it, but today, after an extra year, I still have all the hair on my cock. I found that living with it is just as good, and...
  2. AlejandroMeGarcia

    Show off your pubes

    Okay so I’ve always felt attracted to men with pubic hair and I was lucky enough to get a nice bush myself so I was thinking why not showing it off? Let me see yours and let’s share ours
  3. JayPR

    Is pubic hair trendy again?

    Recently, I have noticed that guys are letting their pubic hair grow natural or just slightly trimmed. It surprised me because, a few years ago, manscaping was all the rage and almost everyone I met sexually or in the locker rooms at the gym was either very trimmed or fully shaved. It became...
  4. T

    Pubes, Grooming, Waxing, Shaving Or Manacaping

    Hi, guys. Here's a place for member feedback. (Get it?) and general conversation on pubes and managing them. I think gay mens voice matters most, because gay men are just connoisseurs - and gay men talk straight! Should one wax or shave? What are the benefits? How much to do? Do you...
  5. brosandbushes

    I Love Full Bushes But Sadly Can’t Grow One

    Nothing hotter in my opinion than a smooth chested guy with a full bush. Always gets me going. Ironic when I don’t have a naturally big bush. Just end up keeping it trimmed usually. Anyone else in same boat?
  6. No shaving, no trimming. How I loved my pubic hair?

    No shaving, no trimming. How I loved my pubic hair?

    I have never shaved completely my bush above cock, but for many years I tried to find the best cut style for my pubic hair. Finally, I said to myself: "I'm done with it, let them grow as they want" and I stopped shaving or trimming them for one year. It wasn't easy, but today I'm pleased with...
  7. needtonut

    Assisting A Buddy With Manscaping

    I'm wondering if any of you guys have ever helped out a buddy (or been helped) with shaving or trimming. Tell us the story behind the decision to assist with manscaping and how it went down. What all was shaved/trimmed? Also, curious to know the relationship between you and your buddy.
  8. johnnyunitas

    Big Bulge Gifs

    There don't seem to be a lot of purely GIF related threads on here (or maybe I just don't know how to look). I like GIFs of big soft dicks and big soft bulges. Here's some to get it started:
  9. RG97

    Intimate Waxing

    I’ve recently seen a salon advertising Male intimate waxing (back, crack and sack if you will) including pubes and the surrounding areas. I wondered if anyone has had this done before - what level of pain is it, is it embarrassing, is it arousing, are there any issues when the hair regrows etc?
  10. D

    Pubic Hair Growth Speed

    Hi all! Does anyone have an idea about how long it takes pubes to grow to their full lene? I stopped shaving my pubes some four - five months ago and I got pretty hairy but not as hairy as much as I wish. I feel though that it's stopped growing any longer.
  11. grandunification

    Have You Ever Asked A Girl To Shave?

    Have you ever been with a girl who gave no maintenance to her pubic hair driving you to ask her to trim it up? What was her reaction?
  12. hypolimnas

    Pubes And Manscaping-the Next 4 Weeks

    I just had a curious thought ... wondering if you guys have plans for your pubes and manscaping for the next few weeks while you are confined to barracks - I know my body hair is tidier than it has for a while because I have been at home with more time work on myself. (Meaning horny and...
  13. DF1994

    Jiancarlos Vasquez (@jianvasquez)

    Has this ever happened to you? You sitting in a cafe, trying desperately to focus on the mountain of work you have to get down. All of a sudden, this cute boy walks in, taking a seat in the booth not two feet away from you. Now there's no way your getting anything done as your eyes remain...
  14. J

    Photo 3 Hot Uc Guys

    Each of them are so hot and I have no idea where this picture came from, can someone help me ID one of them?
  15. JayPR

    Pubic Hair Around The World. What's The Favorite Style In Your Country: Shaven, Trimmed Or Bushy?

    Before the late '90s, pubic hair was pretty much the norm among men. Nowadays, some kind of manscaping (even if it is just a little) seems pretty popular in the US. However, based on my experience, I've noticed that the way men "treat" their pubic hair varies from culture to culture. For...
  16. 9

    Hair On Lower Shaft - Permanent Removal

    Hi guys, I normally keep things shaved (or at least trimmed) and tidy, but I am annoyed by pubes appearing to grow roughly an inch from my pubic bone up the penis shaft. The issue is at its worst when erect, as I am a grower and the shaft skin gets obviously stretched, pulling up hairs on the...