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  1. L

    Actifcagoule onlyfans ? French gay top

    Anybody has access to his onlyfans ? this guy is so hot Personne n’a rien sur actifcagoule ? https://mobile.twitter.com/actifcagoule
  2. W

    What happened to Josh Long

    This guy is cute and hot. What happened to him?
  3. M

    Mandy Klein Latina Puppy

    Hey guys, excuse me, I am new but I want start with a new model. Tell me what do you think..
  4. Indigo20

    New Discovery! This Website!

    Hey all, Found out about this site through True Nudists, and I am so happy I did! Had no idea I would finally find a place to bond over this stuff! Plus a video chat area, yes please! Gay, geeky, puppy here! Hope to make some friends here, and maybe do some showing off :P East coast of the...
  5. thedramawillneverend

    Anything On Max The Tribrid?

    Does anyone have nudes of this puppy god? Max the Tribrid (@maxthetribrid) | Twitter
  6. D

    Your Gay Sexual Life

    Hi, I'm a french 26yo twink-looking man running fanzines since like 3 or 4 years and I need you for the next issue of Jock Itch. Jock Itch wants to be in the lineage of BUTT, Straight to Hell and Delinquency Juvenile's by Bruce LaBruce. A fanzine where we talk about gay culture in the broadest...
  7. bdsmryanxxx

    Sub twinks wanted for cam play

    Fit 46 year old wants smooth twinks for cam play. You need to be slim/athletic. Would be confident walking down the street dressed just in Speedos and trainers? Looking for long term puppy to develop a cam relationship with and open up to new experiences. Skype ryan.hatchxxx or message me here.