1. N

    Affirmative Action

    So I’ve been having a bit of a discussion with a few users @ArkNebradia @James0909 @fireman1294 @firsttimecaller about Affirmative action and how they believe that someone being chosen based on the color of their skin is racist for a job. A question, or should I say statement was made by...
  2. H

    Asian Guys (views, Stereotypes, Fetish, Etc)

    Hey guys I’m new to LPSG and I think it’s not just a nice place to jerk off but for discussion too, so I wanted to ask what are your views on sex with asian guys and the fetishization and stereotyping of asian guys in sex. I’m asian myself and 18 years old. I’m about 5.5 inches hard I would say...
  3. TrueB2

    Who Wears It Better?

    I am a black, uncut male and recently I found comfort in that. This is probably one of those "It looks better because you have it" kind of things, but I find uncut black dick more aesthetically pleasing (not to say that others are not/can't be). I was wondering what others think. What ethnicity...
  4. D

    Jerk Off Games

    Any guys fancy having a jerk off contest on Skype? play along on Edge Me Please! - Cum Control / Edging Game see who can last longer? Add me: live:jjjuk26 26 m uk
  5. B

    Race and dick size

    Post ur dicks here and what ur racial background is so we can see if there is actually any link between race and size (which has been a debated subject for a long time) Native Hawaiian, Japanese and Filipino 1490117