randy blue

  1. C

    Gay or bisexual actors in gayporn

    Does anyone know or have a list of actors from sean cody/men.com/fratmen/etc... who are actually attracted to guys in real life? It seems like everytime i find someone that i find hot. They turned out to be straight! Idk why it just turns me off
  2. 1

    Looking for a randy blue/seancody video

    Hello! I'm looking for one of the first porn videos I've ever seen but unfortunately I can't remember much about it apart from the fact that it should be either a sean cody or a randy blue production,the year was around 2007 I guess. There was a pretty hairy, probably latino bottom and a taller...
  3. P

    Muscleboy173 (logan Milano)

    Logan Milano was in 2 scenes for Randy Blue back in 2014. He appeared in an episode of MTV's 'Suspect' in 2016. He's back as muscleboy173 on OnlyFans and Twitter. It was only $5 and worth price. Sexy voice! Hot pics and cumshot videos!
  4. D

    Addison Graham

    Does anyone know what happened to former randy blue pornstar, actor & model Addison Graham? Did he retire from porn industry? Does anyone know his socials?
  5. Love in a Mist

    Increase Likelyhood Of Having Wet Dream?

    Since I joined this forum, I have been very hot and horny while reading through the man discussion in the forum. I even surprisingly have an unconscious soaked my underwear by my precum too. However, I don't jerk off during this period since I try to calm my self down from being excited. By the...
  6. M

    Steven Flame At Randy Blue

    Does anyone have any camshow video of Steven Flame?