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  1. iambraddz

    South coast South Aussie Single

  2. P

    Rate my butt?

    My first post like this... I want your honest opinion.
  3. Topdickrater

    Rated 1-10

    Looking to be rated? Post a pic of what you got and I will rate you on length, girth and overall appearance. Let them out guys!
  4. L

    Rate Me️

  5. P

    Can A Virgin Rate Your Nudes

    I am a virgin and i am curious on what different guys penises and balls look like. maybe even an ass pic too! I’ll be honest about my opinion
  6. issamland

    I Feel Very Insecure About My Arabic Penis Size And I'm Not Sure About ?

    I'm 7.5 non bone pressed and 6 inc girth
  7. Marcus_xxl

    My Huge Cock Got A Video Rate

    Video Rate: Marcus’s Huge Cock has Savannah speechless….
  8. J

    Do you find this guy attractive? what would you rate him?

  9. B

    Thoughts on my cock?

    Rate my cock 0-10, best thing about it and worst? What would you do to it ?
  10. J

    Kik/skype showoffs?

    I’m looking for big-dicked guys (preferably straight or curious) who love to show themselves off on Kik or Skype! I’m just looking for guys who like to show themselves and aren’t always wanting to see me too. I love to worship and give rates, and I’m open to almost anything you’d like to do...
  11. 1

    Photo I rate your cocks

    A simple cock contest: show me what you've got and I will rate it from 1 to 10!
  12. Dangerous Woman

    Get your cock size rated!.. ....

    Wanted to know what a girl really thinks of ur cock? Thickness / Length / Out of ten / Nice head / Big balls etc... Now is ur chance hehe.. to get your cock rated... Take a pic of it with a piece of paper next to it saying your username, and ill rate u :heart: Lets find out for once.. who...