1. M

    Greg Alba from Reel Rejects

    this big meat of a man deserves a thread
  2. M

    Ange (carlieandange)

    this man doesn't even have shirtless content in social media (as far as i'm aware) but he just makes me feel feral everytime. like those vnecks and chest hair and biceps
  3. R

    Brayden Maniago

  4. idarkbouquet

    Photos & Videos Heisuten Reacts

    I thought there would be a thread on him but there wasn't one. He's a hot youtuber who reacts to anime. I think his arms are pretty hot
  5. col1974

    Straight Guys React To Big Dic Pics

    Hope this isn't a repost..enjoy The Biggest Penis In Scotland : Inches Magazine 02/19 – The Art of HaPenis
  6. love4D

    Photos & Videos Ashby Clark

    He's one of the F B E reacters and he's super cute!