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reality tv

  1. K

    My Mum, Your Dad

    The dilfs of My Mum, Your Dad New Dating Show on ITV…
  2. sexy_292

    Big brother poland (2019) naked men

    Pls send as much fotos and videos of the male candidates of the polish big brother tv show. I would be 1000x thankfull (wanna see their dick & booty if possible )
  3. T

    Photos & Videos King Harris

    I find him weirdly attractive He’s 18
  4. N

    Big Brother 25 Men

    Season starts August 2nd
  5. X

    Ricardo “Rick” Salusse (Rio Shore)

    Anything on this hot guy? I just discover Rio Shore from the gay sex that viral in Twitter. Any nudes? Or hot pics?
  6. A

    Matt Peacock (UK model)

    I remember posts a long time ago about this guy, thought the forum deserved an updated version, as he's only gotten better with age. Did a few bits of reality TV in the 00s, now a fitness/menswear model. Gained notoriety back in the day due to both Katie Price and Jodie claiming he had 'the...
  7. J

    Photos & Videos South Central Playboys

    Anybody got anything from any of the cast on this show? On nowthatsTv?
  8. Mark Carney

    Loaded in Paradise

    Login • Instagram Login • Instagram Login • Instagram These are the hotties from this series quite hot they where.
  9. Kokofka

    Char Defrancesco

    Surprised there isnt a thread on him yet. It's Marc Jacob's husband - Char Defrancesco. I find him so hot. Anything out there?
  10. E

    MILF Manor guys megathread

    Let's start the MILF Manor super thread! I know Jimmy's cumshot vids are already posted, so let's repost those here and some content of the other guys!
  11. J

    Photos & Videos All Big Brother Tv Nudity

    Got any videos of men naked or having sex on big brother, share it.
  12. K

    Love Island UK - Winter 2023 (Series 9)

    Love Island UK - Winter 2023 (Series 9) premieres one week from today (January 16) on ITV2. The 2nd winter season will take place once again in South Africa.
  13. W

    Bravo Southern Hospitality

    Has anyone watched this? Some of the guys are hot and gay, I feel like there has to be some stuff out there on them.
  14. thehottestmenxx

    HOTTEST MAN IN AMERICA (Fake reality tv show)

    Twelve hunky guys, avid of fame and fortune, enrol in a brand-new reality tv-show to elect the HOTTEST MAN IN AMERICA and win the highly coveted ONE MILLION DOLLARS prize. How far will they be willing to go to earn your votes? See them going further and further as the show advances! You will...
  15. PoetMalaki

    Photos & Videos Adam Mandula Eden Hotel

    The famous Eden Hotel Guest, Adam Mandula has an OF.
  16. A

    Collin Carter -Fboy island

  17. N

    Big Brother 24 Men

    Thread for BB24 (Starting July 6th) From left to right: Matthew Turner, Michael Bruner, Monte Taylor, Marvin Achi, Terrance Higgins, Joe "Pooch” Pucciarelli , Kyle Capener, Daniel Durston
  18. ItsMeGabriel

    The Amazing Race Australia

    There's nothing sexy about this thread. I'm just wondering if the latest season is available to purchase anywhere, or if there's somewhere online where I can watch it for free. My VPN doesn't work with the official site.
  19. P

    Photos & Videos Enamorandonos Usa

    Lets post some cast members from EnamorandosUSA!
  20. P

    Kurt Rhony

    Nude model - anyone got pics?
  21. Candydandyboys

    Photos & Videos Naked And Afraid Of Love

    Bennett Stefen Jay Nelson Barak
  22. H

    Adamceramic And Danmakeystuff (couple)

    Adam Johnson and his boyfirend Dan Adam was a finalist on the Great Pottery Throwdown, developed a pretty big crush on him during the series, him and his boyfirend are both gorgeous and very talented.
  23. B

    German Reality Tv

    There are some really hot reality stars and a lot of nudity on german reality tv who are your favorites?
  24. N

    Big Brother 23 Men

    Thread for BB23 (Starting July 7th) Cast: Brent - https://instagram.com/flywithchampagne Derek F. - https://instagram.com/thederekfrazier Derek X. - https://instagram.com/derekxiao_ Brandon/Frenchie - https://twitter.com/farmerfrenchie Christian -...
  25. B

    Jedson Tavernier

    He’s a amateur model on Insta and he was recently on Big Brother Canada. He was a former semi Pro basketball player. Any more?
  26. D

    David From Ibiza Weekender

    Bit of a weird ask lol but does anyone have anything on David from Ibiza Weekender?
  27. C

    Fessy From Big Brother 20 And Mtv The Challenge

    Faysal “Fessy” Shawn Shafaat just created an onlyfans and we are here for it.
  28. Ziotuspvp

    Fessyfitness (big Brother And The Challenge)

    As he should. Is he worth subscribing to? I’ve always found him attractive but I’m not spending 30$ a month for nothing. OnlyFans
  29. Veggiesguy

    Slag Wars - Discussions, Nudes...

    I just watched the first episode of Slag Wars today and, despite the lack of production budget, amateur challenge execution and judging, it was pretty entertaining. Finding the next Cock Destroyer sounds like a bizarre reality tv concept but, from what I understand, Rebecca Moore and Sophie...
  30. Tommy9

    Naked And Afraid Reality Tv

    Seen this programme on the discovery channel, but as usual for regular TV all the good bits are blurred out, do any of you super detectives know where we can see the un censored versions, and if they are even worth watching