1. T

    Help identify vintage video - dominican/latin dvd

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a gay dvd. One scene can be found here: Link Someone knows the title?
  2. G

    Help me find retro porn?

    I used to watch a retro porn scene I loved but can’t find it anymore. I think it was a none-English scene (maybe German?) where a woman would wank her husband and her lover underneath a restaurant table while musicians played, another woman across the table seen underneath and would suck off her...
  3. Littlebitch35

    Photos & Videos Help me found more of him: Leo DiCara

  4. S

    Jeff Stryker

    wonder where jeff is in 2023! he was gorgeous. funny and kinda cheesy but has that vintage charm, plus his dildo gave me one of the best orgasms i've ever had - post pics of him on here for me to add to my collection.
  5. Mr.Mitsu

    Hot Wrestlers (Golden - Attitude Era)

    Decided to make a separate thread for those who enjoy wrestlers in their prime from the 70's - mid 2000's. Steve Blackman
  6. F

    Anyone know the vid or the actors

  7. InkBro Spotify Music Playlist

    My Playlist

    80’s, 90’s, 00’s Throwback Jams and Today’s Hits!
  8. R

    Biggest Retro Cock Bill Harrison

    Please post pictures and videos of gifted retro pornstar Bill Harrison.
  9. Sinful Sindy

    Vintage/retro Gay & Str8 Porn

    For some reason over the last few years I’ve developed a light obsession with Antique (1910-1960s) and Golden Age (1970-1984) porn movies. Especially from Europe. I even love the campiness of some of the softcore films. I love the sets and costumes outrageous storylines. You can even find...
  10. B

    Jockey Elance Bikini Briefs

    I have always loved Jockey Elance bikini briefs, from how they fit to how they look. They are sorta retro, maybe more commonly seen in locker rooms years and years ago, but I do like it when I see a guy in these briefs.
  11. C

    Classic / Retro / Vintage / Old School Big Fat Cock Xxx Porn - Straight, Gay, Transgender

    basically anything from about 15 years prior to the date of posting and older (so anything from about mid-2000s, early 2000s, 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s etc.). as time goes/passes, timeframes will allow for more recent porn to be eligible to be added, so this thread will not always be restricted to...
  12. G

    Help Finding Lost Film

    Hey everyone, hope you're holding up alright. I've recently started thinking about the first porn film I ever saw and I'm desperate to find it so anyone who can help from my undoubtedly vague description would be a god damn hero.. It was my mates dads so it must have been 70s or 80s as we were...
  13. 4

    Photos & Videos Post Your Favorite Gay Videos

    Hey all, I'm a huge fan of gay Vintage Porn! I especially love films with some sort of story line and Vintage porn has alot of that kind of action. I'm sharing a few that I find especially hot. Post your favorites as well!
  14. ItsGonnaBeANoFromMe

    Photos & Videos Young Bruce Springsteen

  15. agcs888

    Video Id Retro Blond Pls

    at 2.25 thanks
  16. jockfinder

    Who Likes #athletesasart?

    Hey, guys. Check out this instagram page. CorpJock We're considering an OnlyFans page. We showcase #AthletesAsART, mainly and we have content to showcase that is not blatantly pornographic but is too explicit or erotic for Instagram. The inspiration is the glory days of fashion editorials of...
  17. 9

    Im trying to find and old/vintage/retro latin video

    The video was something like a bar and then the guys come (something like cowboys or cops, maybe bandits) and they start to "rape" one guy and the guy keep screaming "mi culo, mi culo" that means something like my ass or my hole in spanish I think I dont remember exactly if it was a forced or...