1. T

    Face sitting

    Not sure if a similar thread exists but feel free to contribute any pics and videos of this specific pose as it send me feral when guys sit on my face toward me
  2. Filedemon150338

    Looking for full video

    I used to have the vid but i can't even find it now i would very much apreciate if somebody could share it with me, this is the hottest rimming video out there in my opinion
  3. rumandale

    Photo Can someone ID him

    Can someone ID him
  4. D

    Photos & Videos Help me find a porn

    Hello everyone! I kinda need your help. Some time ago I came across a porn video in which there's this very hot man (allegedly straight) who gets sucked and rimmed on a couch. He has a big ring on his finger and kinda loves the rim job. There were actually two videos, in the second one he also...
  5. S

    Looking for a gay oral video, very specific

    Looking for small skinny guy getting sucked off by larger hairier guy Both have facial hair, the guy getting sucked off has a noticeably small body, they kiss at the beginning I believe. There’s a scene where the guy doing the sucking kisses down until he’s licking the other guys feet, and...
  6. M

    Video Help me to find him

    I need his name
  7. F

    Hot Latino Threesome ... Who Are They ?

    Does anybody know who they are? I asked the person who posted it and their deliberately not Telling who they are.
  8. J

    Photo Straight Guys Showing It Off

    Post the pic of your body part that you are proud off and not shy of, and willing to show off to anyone, literally to anyone and even anywhere. NO limits, you can post every single part of your body if you really feel confident about them.
  9. J

    Photo Identity This Movie Scene

    Can someone please help me identify this movie scene?