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  1. T

    Chatham, Medway or Surrounding

    Hi all, I’m a 29 year old South Asian professional. Slim, nice toned body with average trimmed body hair, brown eyes and black hair. I’m looking for guys, girls, couples from the area who are looking for fun. What I am into - edging, milking, prostate play, toys, nipple play, threesomes...
  2. UpstateDude30

    UpstateBiDude, 30

    Hey guys, Stumbled onto this site yesterday; I like the atmosphere and content! Hope to make some laid back friends
  3. T

    Cruising Rochester NY

    Hey guys I couldn't find a thread discussing the best places to cruise in Rochester so here you go! I always have luck in Esporta steam rooms/shower areas and I have also gotten lucky in the Eastview Mall bathroom near the PF restaurants (not the food court) Also in the MCC library bathrooms...
  4. N

    Buffalo, ny - jo buds

    Looking for JO Buds in Buffalo, NY. If you're from Buffalo reply to this thread so maybe people from the area can start connecting so people can get off together.