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role play

  1. Greekwriter

    My fisrt story (A trip to Greece)

    That’s the first story I write. Excuse my English, cause I’m Greek I decide to take my stepson Rob on a trip to Greece for his birthday. He was 19 and I wanted something special for him. So I arrange us a big house with a pool on an island with crystal clear waters. The travel was big, and...
  2. D

    Gaycest RP Porn, Please

    Huge thing for dad & son role play vids more amateur // hyper-realistic // “less-produced” videos of RP for dad & son, uncle & nephew, etc. would be :imp: //x Should go without saying that everyone shown should be an adult and consenting
  3. Malcomapfel

    New here! young and active!

    Here's a little intro about me. I'm an 18 year old verse, thick cock, bubble butt and usually tan. I'm a teen and im only into guys. Most people say I have a cute bottom face and nice hair. I’m social so I can have wholesome conversations and can be a friend. I’m pretty studious and busy but...
  4. T

    Son Looking For Dad

    I’m a young lad just looking online to find an older male who’d be interested in helping me fulfill a fantasy via role play? If you’re in to that sort of thing or have experience please drop me a message or comment below and I’ll message you :) Ta, lads x
  5. Y

    Son in need of a daddy to skype

    Hey guys, I am new here... 23yo from Brazil, with a fiance bur want to jump the fence. I need a daddy to skype! I am a very obedient son. You don't have to show face. Add me on Skype: live:.cid.e27a7cdf763a9e43
  6. Alejandro_megas

    The M4M Audio porn content creation and communities (also hosting/reposting services)

    Let me just give you the TL;DR This is what the Gay Audio Porn is and it's formats/presentations, approaches, and the different repositories/social media where there are active VA or communities. NSFW roleplay is the Porn equivalent OK, I've join the GWAG (gone wild: Audio gay edition...
  7. S

    Photo Look For His Ig

    His name is Shougo. Does anybody know his IG or something?
  8. mad4it90

    Irish Kinky Guy Looking To Meet Similar

    Hi there, Irish guy, 30, looking to connect with guys for chats and maybe more. Keen traveler, into nudism, outdoor sex and role-play to name just a few. Talk soon, Séan ;)
  9. T

    Kik Roleplay Chat

    A thread to make connections for roleplay chat on kik. Don't just post your username -- SAY WHAT YOU'RE INTO. 27m, into dom/sub and cuck roleplay chat. I'm the sub/cuck. Thick hairy dick. I'll share dick and body pics, but no face. pm for username.
  10. DevonTexas

    Spy Intricate Role Play

    Have a new hot college straight boy who wants to take our online role play into reality. It’s a rather detailed theme which now involves him being kidnapped, hooded and brought to a location with a dark cinder block room with a shower - interrogation room. I would play the role of a CIA agent...