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  1. Y

    Looking for guys in Romania

    Looking for guys in Romania for a mind control roleplay. Details in DM.
  2. B

    Role playing?

    Looking for younger fit guys who want to roleplay and trade pics on here. Into most scenarios. If you’re down, DM me
  3. D

    OnlyFans Foreskin Fetish Video Ideas

    Hey everyone! I have a foreskin fetish and I have been commissioning a series of foreskin related videos from my favorite OnlyFans creator. He doesn’t post much and has never done full frontal nudity but has gotten close to it with the 4 custom videos he’s done for me so far. I’ve seen about a...
  4. Y

    Guy looking for a long term sub

    Snap : mamamia20231
  5. N


    I’m ready to roleplay with some men) We can have any plot you ever wanted in your mind) If you interested-WRITE YOUR TELEGRAM ACCOUNT NAME below. I will write you ASAP
  6. Ganzoxoxo

    Good roleplay on OF

    Hi guys I've recently discovered YourThor4 on OnlyFans and realized that in the sea of guys simply filming themselves jerking off in a bathroom there are also models that can put on a little bit of a show with some decent roleplay. Can you suggest me any models on Onlyfans or any other porn...
  7. dilfhuntr

    Video Verbal Straight Men Jerking Off- Roleplay and Dirty Talk

    Moaning and groaning is always good but there's something a man with a filthy mouth and good imagination that can't be beat. Post up your favorite vids that feature solo men talking directly to the viewer. Either general dirty talk or full on role play should be the main theme.
  8. WitchyBeeBw

    Just wanted to share a roleplay date plot. That I got ghosted on

    While I'm at my friend's house my stepdaddy calls and tell me that mom had to head out of town for a family emergency and he was on his way to come get me. I'm already dressed to go out and have fun in my little black dress, fishnets and all done up in makeup. I already knew daddy wasn’t going...
  9. I

    32 London Irish

    Loved getting fucked by my boyfriend Live public nudity Love roleplay
  10. neinmike

    IV New ASMR Thread

    Yea I don't know why the previous one was taken down by the mods again but let's continue this great thread on ASMR/M4M roleplays!! Do not posts: Tyson ASMR (on LPSG DNP list) Jooedeeboochoo There are two separate threads you should check out if you are looking for specific content on Burak...
  11. W

    Jay - Diaper Hunk

    This one is for those with an open mind. He is hot and cute. I wonder if he has an OnlyFans. @toddlerjay
  12. AlexWassabiRP

    Some roleplay fun

    WARNING CNC ROLEPLAY I'll play famous Youtuber Alex Wassabi you're a overly obsessed fan who is upset that Alex ignored you in public and vowed revenge and one day the opportunity you been waiting for happens where you get to use abuse and humilate Alex. Private message me and open up to...
  13. jjprodriv

    Short hung Latino / new member

    Hi there, new member here. Still shy to post photos, but willing to chat with hot dads around the world. I’m a 5,3’ Latino guy, slim and not too hairy. 18 cms for those who are curious. Drop me a message.
  14. C

    Photo Anybody know who this man is?

    Pls someone help me find this man…. His vids was leaked I think or recorded but idk who he is.
  15. D

    Dirty Phone Chat with Younger Guy

    anyone looking for an attractive, 26 year old bi white guy to chat with/stroke with/cam with via phone, I'm your guy. No limits here... just looking to have a fun, no limit conversation with likeminded individuals :) Please hit me up! I am looking for the next several hours... :)
  16. bigbuttpiggy

    Pig Btm seeks 55+ Older Perv Master for Roleplay

    I want older daddy types 55+ with webcam that can treat me like their little boy on Skype or kik! I will be masked but daddy can show his face or not while showing me his dripping penis. I love to be daddy’s special little boy! Send me your Skype add or kik. Or add me on Skype...
  17. 1

    Top Daddy Bottom Son Group

    37 m Canada Bottom New group on Skype for Top Daddy/Btm Son roleplay. Just to network to connect daddies and sons. 18+ only! We need more Daddies!!! Please contact me WITH YOUR ASL AND IF YOU ARE TOP OR BTM and then I can add you to the group. Thanks. live:.cid.90fb9d16b3623aa4 Join conversation
  18. N

    Spanking Roleplay

    Gay male, mid 30s love all things spanking. Mainly a spanking sub, so if you like to play dad/sir/teacher on Skype and get me to drop my trousers and bend over I can self spank for you with a variety of implements. Skype: jamie_alex124abc
  19. D

    Looking For Kik Friends

    As per title, I am searching for friends to chat using kik. I don't have much time for cam2cam, so I prefer to chat and exchange pics or short vids on kik. What I am searching for: 1) both men or women, doesn't matter. 2) being fit is a plus. 3) I am into kinks or roleplay, but I don't have the...
  20. Dublinlad7

    Father/son Rp Skype

    Any fit lads 18 plus for skype with older. Proper RP. Skype - DAD77@OUTLOOK.IE
  21. Dublinlad7

    Skype - Muscle Admiration

    Any fit muscle guys into wanking on skype with average guys in awe of them .... Skype - DAD77@OUTLOOK.IE
  22. Dublinlad7

    Skype - Edging Cum Control.

    Hi there, new to this site. Looking for guys on skype into wanking long sessions, edging, cum controlling, father/son bonding. Other interests are underwear, rings and ws. I love wanking long sessions and talking with guys building up the loads. Also into father/son RP. Im 38 Irish Uncut...
  23. Dublinlad7


    Hey, 38 Irish here. Uncut, always horny. Anyone into RP. 18+ . Skype - DAD77@outlook.ie
  24. U

    Photos & Videos Need Help Finding A Pornhub.com Vid

    It's a video on pornhub with your classic stepbrother and sister roleplay, in this video, they share a room with separate beds and the sister was watching the brother got in her bed started watching it with her long story short they ended up fucking. If you have any ideas on a video lmk
  25. L

    Political Harassment Kink - Trump Lovers, Please

    Hello, I am a very intentionally progressive person and typically support candidates a bit left of the Democrats, such as Bernie Sanders. All that said, I came across a Tumblr last year (that's since been removed) that had great captioned sissy shots about a Trump-supporting Real American man...
  26. Scouse_sean

    Webcam Role Plays

    Hey - always been curious about trying this. Anyone done a cam roleplay with another person? any tips or advice or examples you could send me? Really keen to try it. Cheers
  27. V

    Roleplay Based On Seinfeld "the Hamptons" Episode, "shrinkage"

    Anyone want to take a crack at roleplaying based on “The Hamptons” episode of “Seinfeld?” Ladies: You play Jane (as in "Jane's topless."). After your friend Rachel spied your boyfriend, George, changing out of his swim trunks, she gave you a report about the size of his package. It was not...
  28. Scouse_sean


    Hi, does anyone ever do roleplays? I used to loads when I was a teenager and awkward about camming but they could be really horny. By roleplay I mean text based - where you and another person write a story together as characters, fulfilling a fantasy or scenario. if you did what kind did you...
  29. P


    Hey, any other cosplayers on here? I started a few years ago, and it is SO much fun. Sadly this year has sucked for Comic cons, but fingers crossed for next year. I have a cosplay instagram: Aidan Rowan (@mr_multiverse_cosplay) • Instagram photos and videos
  30. rockwmeee

    Sub Bottom Here!

    Total bottom boy here love giving head. Love to be roughed up forced and having strong aggressive men savage me. Love being spanked. Face down butt up and tied is how I love it. Always down for crazy experience. Love receiving facials as well. Love when a guy just throws me down or corners me...