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  1. F

    Gallza_13 (Ju-Jitsu Fighter)

    So apparently this dude has just started an OF. (Www.Instagram.com/gallza_13) Straight ju-jitsu athlete from Australia. super sexy body… would love to see what he’s packing. Has anyone subbed? heard on the grapevine he has a video of him snowballing with the girl who’s blowing him…
  2. J

    Rugby Player Nakai Penny

    I’ve seen this guy’s nudes all over Twitter for the past few years and he has a massive uncut dick. Anyone know where I can find more of him? He doesn’t seem to be active on social media anymore.
  3. D

    18m shy sporty UK

    Straight, shy, slutty, sporty stud here! Bored AF. Str8teddyb on Snapchat.
  4. D

    Feeling excluded at rugby

    I feel like the guys on my rugby team treat me differently. Recently moved and joined a new club. Finding it hard to fit in. Any advice?
  5. R

    Bronson Xerri

    Bronson Xerri is a former Australian professional rugby league footballer who last played as a centre for the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks in the National Rugby League. He is suspended from playing in the NRL until November 2023 due to a doping violation. Anyone got any pics of him? IG...
  6. J

    Reece Walsh

    Hey everyone, I stumble on a tiktok of that gorgeous Rugby player and saw no thread. Reece Walsh is an Australian professional rugby league footballer who plays as a fullback for the Brisbane Broncos in the NRL. He previously played for the New Zealand Warriors in the National Rugby League...
  7. R

    Rugby Lad, help ID?

    Does anyone have anything more on this hot rugby player? Pics from a charity calendar.
  8. D

    Baumsandman / WolfSandman

    This rugby hunk is so beefy Anyone follow him or have anything from him? Goes by Baumsandman on OF Twitter: wolfsandman Insta: schmidsandman
  9. F

    Jai Arrow of the Rabbitohs

    anyone have more content of him?
  10. mustangdude

    Sean O’Brien (Irish rugby player)

    Would love to see more pics or what he’s packing.
  11. A

    Can anyone identify this rugby otter?

    Does anyone know who is this cute guy?
  12. L

    The Pool Party

    It was uncharacteristically hot for late February, even by Australian standards. The whole party was sporting some variety of t-shirts, shorts and thongs. Some were shirtless and a couple had braved budgie smugglers. I was sitting with my back to the pool, sipping on a quickly warming beer when...
  13. F

    Sean O'Brien

    he is an Irish professional rugby player, does anyone have anything on him?
  14. Sluthorn99

    Photos & Videos Anyone willing to do a cum tribute to Charile Ewels ass

  15. C

    Looking To Suck In Oxfordshire Uk

    Bi guy here...5ft7 with size 8 feet and a 5 inch dick. Im looking to service guys who easily beat my stats. Ideally you are over 6ft, over 7 inches and over size 10 feet. Stocky rugby player build would be perfect, as would someone who is a heavy cummer. I can accomm near Oxford and am not...
  16. S

    Antoine Gross (french Bodybuilder)

  17. datwhatilike

    Photos & Videos Athletic Gear Fetish⚽

    Thread for those with an athletic gear fetish! I personally love seeing (and touching) a fit body in that silky dri-fit material of a footballer or the netted basketball tees, whether worn casually or for actual sport. Feel free to post, but keep it nasty :p
  18. johnny2k

    Scotland International Rugby Union Player Josh Bayliss

    A fine specimen
  19. C

    Identify Him Pls?

    Can anyone tell me who's the guy on the photo...the ginger one I mean...or anything about this photo? Its not porn from what I gather...
  20. G

    Cian Wr

    A thread to admire sexy Rower/rugby lad Cian
  21. N

    Skype For Military Guys Or Their Admirers

    35 M UK. Ex-army guy and rugby player. Love communal nudity. Uncut / dad bod muscular / hairy. My Skype is nudieandy - looking to cam with other military guys or their admirers/
  22. CaptainRugby

    Photo Aussie Rugby Antics

    There are photos flying around of some Aussie rugby guys fooling around. Here is Zac Woolford grabbing Adam Elliott: https://twitter.com/rugby_sport_xx/status/1360087424563486723/photo/1 Rugby player was caught naked with teammate giving him a hand - Cocktailsandcocktalk
  23. MomentoMori92

    Photo Stallone “supamanu” Nua

    Super hot Samoan guy who went viral for looking hot and dancing at rugby games. I noticed he didn’t have a thread on here (that I could find), so here it is!
  24. sportsmanc

    Sportsmen - Do They All Shave

    Is it a given now that all professional sportsmen (At least in the UK) shave their legs. It is very rare to see a rugby or football player who doesn't have smooth legs.
  25. sportsmanc

    Sports Squads/bonding/differences

    Does anyone else love the bond and brotherhood of a sports squad? Love the male only space of a lockerroom and how varied the men are on the team. Different builds, colours, ages - knowing all of them regularly see each other naked. The variation is fascinating.
  26. S

    Toby Rudolf (footy Hunk)

    Anyone have any pics or vids of him? Got some pics from his Instagram but I’m curious if there’s any nudes around
  27. F

    Photos & Videos Jake Kay Aussie Rugby

    Any of Aussie rugby player Jake Kay @jakey_kay1 on Instagram? He has his bum out a lot!
  28. A

    David "wolfman" Williams

    So, I was browsing through LPSG forums and found a thread that reminded me of one of my first international crushes ever. This is David Williams, a former professional Rugby player from Australia. He was born in August 4, 1986 in Sidney, Australia. In 2008, Williams developed a cult following...
  29. C

    Yoann Maestri (french Rugby Player)

    Yoann Maestri, French rugby player standing at 2.02 m and 119 kg Such a hunk!
  30. C

    Tash Bash Rugby Full Monty

    Does anyone have anything on Tash Bash? It's a fundraiser by the University of Gloucestershire Rugby Union Club. They do the full monty and I've heard things have gotten pretty wild in the past ...