1. T

    Fit, hung, handsome irish international rugby player Harry McNulty

  2. G

    Cardiff Rugby - Alun Lawrence

    Cardiff Rugby have just signed Alun Lawrence for next season. Anyone have any hot photos of him?
  3. GayInWeho

    Rugby Ass

    Been watching the Netflix series Six Nations: Full Contact about Rugby and came to determine that Rugby ass is the best. @Cardiffheartof
  4. B

    Ryan Hall rugby player

  5. bigdaddystud

    Photos & Videos Kotoni Staggs

    Kotoni Staggs is an Australian NRL player born in NSW who plays for the Brisbane Broncos. His sex tape got leaked a few years ago and shows his massive uncut cock and his ass in budgies is amazing! Born - October 1998 IG - kotonistaggs1
  6. H

    Owenrugbylad or Britrugbylad

    Anybody got anything on this hot lad?
  7. bigbipete

    davide ascari rugby

    This gorgeous young Italian rugby player sings 'Nessun Dorma' topless with his team. Phoar. Gives me shivers Italy U20 Davide Ascari sings Nessun Dorma after first win over France
  8. J

    Jordan Way (Rugby Referee)

    Noticed this referee whilst watching the Six Nations Rugby 2024. Beautiful guy, wondering if anyone has anything on him?
  9. N

    Ali Price (Scotland, Glasgow Rugby)

    Hot as fuck. Wanky posh English accent as well.
  10. W

    Rugby AI fakes

    Pictures of rugby hunks made with AI image generators like Bing Image Creator, Microsoft Designer, Stable Diffusion etc. Made quite a few recently but didn't want to spam the Bing AI thread so I'll post my collection here but everyone's welcome to contribute. Please share prompts if you have them.
  11. S

    Malcolm Marx (South African rugby player)

    About time he got his own thread
  12. S

    Photo Help id this hot guy

    pls help me I’d this guy he is on Instagram page @benpopmen
  13. M

    Photo Martin Andrew / marty.a7

    Anything on this scottish amateur rugby hottie Martin or his partner Grant? Login • Instagram
  14. W

    Bing's AI image creator (powered by DALL-E)

    DALL-E 3 through Bing's new image creator is insane. The quality of the images it can develop from the simplest prompts is amazing. It's way more accessible than most other AI image tools, given all you need is a free Bing account. The big downside of course is that it will block prompts it...
  15. Speedofan37

    Photo Conor Murray - Irish Rugby

  16. S

    Blair Kinghorn – Scottish Rugby Player

    Great player, but also very hot
  17. Bx90019

    ID this sweaty UK DILF Daddy

    Can anyone identify this guy?
  18. F

    Gallza_13 (Ju-Jitsu Fighter)

    So apparently this dude has just started an OF. ( Straight ju-jitsu athlete from Australia. super sexy body… would love to see what he’s packing. Has anyone subbed? heard on the grapevine he has a video of him snowballing with the girl who’s blowing him…
  19. J

    Rugby Player Nakai Penny

    I’ve seen this guy’s nudes all over Twitter for the past few years and he has a massive uncut dick. Anyone know where I can find more of him? He doesn’t seem to be active on social media anymore.
  20. D

    18m shy sporty UK

    Straight, shy, slutty, sporty stud here! Bored AF. Str8teddyb on Snapchat.
  21. D

    Feeling excluded at rugby

    I feel like the guys on my rugby team treat me differently. Recently moved and joined a new club. Finding it hard to fit in. Any advice?
  22. R

    Bronson Xerri

    Bronson Xerri is a former Australian professional rugby league footballer who last played as a centre for the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks in the National Rugby League. He is suspended from playing in the NRL until November 2023 due to a doping violation. Anyone got any pics of him? IG...
  23. J

    Reece Walsh

    Hey everyone, I stumble on a tiktok of that gorgeous Rugby player and saw no thread. Reece Walsh is an Australian professional rugby league footballer who plays as a fullback for the Brisbane Broncos in the NRL. He previously played for the New Zealand Warriors in the National Rugby League...
  24. R

    Rugby Lad, help ID?

    Does anyone have anything more on this hot rugby player? Pics from a charity calendar.
  25. D

    Baumsandman / WolfSandman

    This rugby hunk is so beefy Anyone follow him or have anything from him? Goes by Baumsandman on OF Twitter: wolfsandman Insta: schmidsandman
  26. F

    Jai Arrow of the Rabbitohs

    anyone have more content of him?
  27. mustangdude

    Sean O’Brien (Irish rugby player)

    Would love to see more pics or what he’s packing.
  28. A

    Can anyone identify this rugby otter?

    Does anyone know who is this cute guy?
  29. L

    The Pool Party

    It was uncharacteristically hot for late February, even by Australian standards. The whole party was sporting some variety of t-shirts, shorts and thongs. Some were shirtless and a couple had braved budgie smugglers. I was sitting with my back to the pool, sipping on a quickly warming beer when...
  30. F

    Sean O'Brien

    he is an Irish professional rugby player, does anyone have anything on him?