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  1. blainelennard


    anybody have anything on this gorgeous man? insta: BEEMBI (@beembi__) • Instagram photos and videos tiktok: TikTok
  2. F

    Help identifying a performer

    Does anynone know who the tattoed bottom bi guy in this video is? THE HOTTEST TEENAGE ORGY He's in a lot of the videos with a russian straight guy Vincent Vega
  3. C

    mitkazakov on IG

    Anyone has other pics of him?
  4. J

    Where to get this hot video?

    Does anyone know where I can get this video? It used to be on Youporn before it got taken down. Supposedly by Staxus Productions. It’s also here Search: staxus | Popular # 1 | Outdoor, Masturbating, Boyfriends, Teen, Handjob, but can’t seem to get the webpage to work
  5. Gasser

    Marmok - Marin Mocanu

    Moldovan Russian - speaking letsplayer, he's such a Daddy https://www.youtube.com/c/MrMarmok/about - YouTube channel Login • Instagram - Instagram
  6. N

    Niko kravchina

    Anyone has anything of him? Niko_kravchina Instagram Onlyfans
  7. wetwetwet20

    Kirill Lysenko

    IG: ice_bunny ice_bunny Kirill Lysenko
  8. Luca323

    selflikethespirit_ aka serg_dnm aka Sergy Lyashev aka Sergei Dmitriev

    Title says it all - he is known by many names (real is either Sergei Lyashev or Sergei Dmitriev), but online his main account (set to private) is selflikethespirit_ Very hot Russian Guy from Rostov-on-Don. As can be seen in pictures, he used to be a model in his youth. Now he is apparently...
  9. A

    Photo Andrew boldar

    Hi anyone subscribed to his onlyfan? OnlyFans
  10. D

    Zverevjewelry Едуард Зверев

    Есть что нибудь? Does anybody have his pics with no underwear
  11. E

    Samgorgeous // gorgeoussammmm

    Been looking for his stuff for some time now and discovered that there wasn't a dedicated thread yet. Hopefully we can collect some stuff here. He's a super hot russian guy and streams on chaturbate (iirc):
  12. D

    Photos & Videos Артур Далалоян (Artur Dalaloyan)

    Artur Dalaloyan hot gymnast
  13. H


    Anyone have anything on the group of guys stude_nts1177? Telegram: Tik-tok Insta: stude_nts1177 Tiktok: stude_nts7
  14. F

    Roman Abalin (russian youtuber NFKRZ)

    Anything on this russian hottie? instagram: @roman_nfkrz
  15. D

    young gay from russia 4 daddies

    Hello everyone, I’m new here so glad to meet you all. 23 y.o. I’m interested in daddies, bearded guys with, also love nerd-looking guys wearing glasses. My passion is sucking dick for hours
  16. svetlana loboda

    Photo Sasha Cosmos Photography

    Sasha Kosmos is the most famous Russian male photographer. Now he travels the world as part of Mavrin Studios.
  17. N

    Photo Ivan Efirov

    Does anyone know this beautiful youtuber? Here are his social networks: https://www.instagram.com/ivanefirov/ Ivan Efirov | VK Иван Эфиров (группа) | VK I'm looking for more photos and videos
  18. D

    Sexystbboy - Chaturbate stud

    This guy is so fkn hot, anyone got smth to share?
  19. D

    Help IDing these guys?

    I find myself going back to these three vids a lot but I'd love to know if these guys have more stuff!
  20. A


    Anybody knows who is this probably russian guy? Look at his ass!! Sooo damn big!!! Who is this guy?!?!?!
  21. LSS2020


    https://mobile.twitter.com/SiberiaBigBoy // Login • Instagram he is truly blessed .
  22. C

    Danil Krapivnikov (krapivnikov11)

    Is there anything on him. Russian soccer-player and Tiktoker Instagram krapivnikov11 Tiktok @krapivnikov11
  23. C

    id Russian Muscle with Big Cock

    Can anyone id him? https://www.coolsexnew.com/de/57789649-atemberaubendes-russisches-st%C3%BCck-mit-einem-gro%C3%9Fen-ungeschnittenen-schwanz-fickt-sein-m%C3%A4dchen.html Maybe it his him a few years ago? https://de.pornhub.com/model/sting2014 Thank you!
  24. Z

    Alexandre Lee

    Hey, does anyone here have anything more on Alexandre Lee, the cute Russian/Asian twink in the picture? He's done stuff for DoggyBoys but I can't find any more information on him. Any other vids or maybe an OnlyFans account (fingers crossed)? He was 19 in this picture and in the DoggyBoys videos...
  25. R


    Who else has seen this Russian Boytoy?
  26. J

    Chan_pak (chaturbate)

    Anyone got anything on Chan_pak from chaturbate ?
  27. O

    Kirill Grey

    Has anybody got anything on him, I know he has an onlyfans but here’s his Twitter link: https://twitter.com/kirillgreys?s=21
  28. M

    Hot Russian With Only Fans @tayk69shawty_

    Aleksei OnlyFans
  29. M

    Dmitry Shilov (dmitry Shelove)

    This guy has come up on my fyp a few times on Tiktok. He made nice content, but was unfortunately banned. After a bit of searching, I found these pictures of him. There's a picture where his dick is on it but I don't know if it's real. If you have some more info on him or have pictures of...
  30. D

    Alexander Kaspis

    Does anyone have any of this mega russian hottie? Maybe something more than on Instagram or TikTok? insta: sanikaspis TikTok: @sanikaspis