1. 6

    Shorts with Liners?

    Hello fellas, very random question but thoughts on shorts with liners? Have been working out lately and sometimes wear those shorts outside the gym for errands or just lounging around but sometimes the liner bother me. I’ve cuts the liners on a few pairs and kinda regret doing it since it did...
  2. Tomy12345

    Can you move your balls at will?

    Kaleb Stryker getting his balls up and down A while ago I saw a post by Kaleb Stryker where he raises and lowers his balls at will. Is it really possible to do it or is it an edit?
  3. A

    Sacramento Area

    Sacramento Area - Share pics of your cock, armpit, pubes. GO!
  4. C

    Big Ballers?

    Straight female. 25 UK. looking to chat with guys with big nuts. Like really big. Natural ones only. Prefer large sacs too but happy with large gonads. Prefer uncut guys but not essential. Will chat to anyone around the world.
  5. C

    Single Female For Big Baller

    Hey everyone! Single female from the UK looking to meet guys with genuine natural big balls. I’ve had this fetish for as long as I can remember, my ex had big balls and now I’m looking for someone who’d let me play with theirs. I’m into the following. - weighing a sac before and after sex -...
  6. shankity

    Ball Stretching Tips For A Beginner?

    Hey guys. Recently got a bathmate and an oxballs type cock sling. I’m just an average sized guy, but I really want to focus on ball stretching. The bathmate is more something I got just to see what happens, more focused on my sac. Mine are usually up fairly high, and the cock sling feels like...
  7. surfRgymnast

    Sacramento Area

    Hey guys! There’s a ton of threads about guys in the Bay Area. Just wondering who is around the Sacramento area on here. Or guys who travel to the area often. Would be awesome to finally meet up in person with a guy or two from here after being a member for several years. Hope to hear from you guys!