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  1. LilPoundcake454

    Extremely sloppy deepthroats

    A thread with photos and videos of guys getting extremely facefucked with a lot of gagging and saliva all over the face, sloppy blowjobs, piggy suckers. The wetter the better.
  2. T

    Male models with spit/saliva?

  3. N

    Need help IDing dude giving bj

    Can anybody help me Id this guy? Found this pic being used on twitter with no source.
  4. G

    Musical Instruments

    Any crazy experiences? Whether with an instrument or another person? For example, I was in the band in high school. I’m gay but was not out. I was attracted to this guy who was straight. He played the tuba. For those who don’t know, a tuba mouthpiece is fairly large and covers most of the...
  5. SingleBall

    Photo Sloppy Saliva

    I love to see pics of girls with saliva dripping from their chin onto their tits or playing with it. How about you? Let's share your favourite pictures on this subject...
  6. marriedasian

    Ladies, do you like french kissing?

    hello ladies of lpsg; my wife and i were lying in bed and the discussion of french kissing came up. a little background: she and i absolutely love french kissing and could simply make out for 10-15 minutes easily. we don't normally make it past that since we'll be fucking by then but for sure...
  7. ForeignForeign

    Spit - spitting - saliva - in mouth, face, cock, body.

    Let's share spitting videos: