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  1. Britdownunder

    Melbourne, Australia

    Hey, I’m visiting Melbourne next weekend, 28 vers here. Anyone keen to show me the best places, things/people to do? Keen to try a sauna.
  2. B

    Seven hotel & wellness or Rituals in Torremolinos?

    Hi, Have anyone tried Seven Hotel & Wellness in Maspalomas or Rituals in Torremolinos? Is there any action in the saunas or anywhere else on the hotels? Many nude horny guys? Please tell me everything about it, I planning a trip but dont know what I should choose! Thanks!
  3. R

    Sauna in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, or Guelph

    Does anyone know an open late, somewhat secluded sauna near kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, or Guelph Ontario? I am trying to initiate a fantasy of my husband's. We are in this sauna and a well endowed guy comes in and it is just us three. This mystery man with a big dick gently pulls the...
  4. ajs414

    [True Story] Finnish sauna with classmates

    Living in Canada where it is cold half of the year, I have been a frequent sauna user for most of my adult life. During a university program I did, we had to complete a mandatory 2 week trip abroad as part of the program. Our trip was to Finland and I was excited, because I knew a lot about...
  5. A

    Copenhagen gyms with sauna

    Hello! Moving to Copenhagen soon and was wondering if anyone would have any recommendations of gyms with sauna? If you have any stories to share of your experiences would be a great bonus! ;)
  6. S

    Sauna jerking?

    Hey all - Curious if anyone has any favorite group wank/circle jerk/cruising videos in a sauna? This guy EddieBigD has some that are on the right track. I've had some really hot experiences at saunas/spas, and I love videos/pics that take place there, especially amateur ones... curious what...
  7. F

    Hong Kong Hotel Spa - True Story

    This is my first time writing a story for LPSG. I've enjoyed a lot of the stories in these forums for years and I'm feeling inspired today. In 2019 before the pandemic I had a chance to take an Atlantis cruise leaving from Hong Kong. We spent a couple of nights at a luxury hotel which is where...
  8. R


    hi, can someone help me id these muscle boys in a sauna. this was posted on twittwr but I think it came from tiktok. Anyone know their @?
  9. SelfCtrlX

    Tales from the Locker Room (Erotic Story)

    Tentative Title of overall Series - Pain Is The New Pleasure This story - Sauna Stories or Tales from the Locker Room More content including more parts of this series are available on my Patreon PART I It was all new to me. If I had known what I was walking into would I have turned...
  10. D

    Portsmouth gym

    Hi Looking for a gym buddy at Nuffield Portsmouth. Anyone in the area and want to work out together?
  11. A

    Turkish Baths / Steam Clubs London: Question + Tips?

    Really intrigued about Turkish baths, Steam Rooms, Banya's, Hammams etc in London. Have always heard about these passively and a friend recently piqued my interest more after telling me about an enjoyable visit in Istanbul. Want to go to a few in London (on Men Only days) and had a few...
  12. D

    New Zealand South Island/Christchurch/Queenstown

    I'm going to South Island in New Zealand and visiting Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown. Any recommendations on saunas, gyms/pools/hot springs with open/communal showers, or places where I can get massages (with or without happy endings)? Basically anywhere to get naked around other guys.
  13. G

    Cruising belgium first time

    Hi, I’m 24 yo from belgium. Virgin for the gay stuff but curious. Next week i’m home alone and I want to try some cruising stuff. (Public parking lot, bar, sauna, …) I dont have any experience with this kind of places, so please help me. Where do i have to go to? Also tell me some of your own...
  14. T

    Rios Spa London

    Hey guys, Just wondering if any friendly guys on here would be interested in going to Rios Spa in London sometime soon, which I believe is like a gay sauna but for both men and women. I'm gay - 34, tall, dark haired and average build - but lately I've been curious to be in more of a straight...
  15. R

    LIST: UK saunas / spas / baths with male only sessions

    Looking to create a list of straight places in the UK where you can go and hang out naked for a few hours, have a sauna and a steam etc. Not members-only gyms, gay sex clubs or bath houses, just regular places. I know of: LONDON Porchester Spa - Mon, Weds & Sat Banya Hoxton - Fri Banya...
  16. A

    Links Non-sexual amateur nudity pictures link trading

    Hi, I'm really interested in pictures of naked men in non-sexual situations, just casual nudity in places like saunas, locker rooms, nature... The thing is, I love when I see them in the pages where those pictures where originally uploaded, like personal webpages, holiday albums, sport team...
  17. L

    New Korean Spa in NYC

    It looks like the closed down K-town Sauna spot is launching a new Korean spa! I’m not sure if it’s the same management just a different name, but opening Feb 1. Anyone know anything about it? https://www.thespaclubny.com/
  18. B

    Help me find this video

    Ive searched everywhere but i cant find the full video, im turning to the detectives on here to help me link:
  19. Qwazar1981

    Fun in east london

    Hi guys. I am a bit bored of grindr and the apps. Anyone in east london want to have fun with me ? I am a bottom but i am thinking more and more about trying to top. Love poppers and 420. I smoke too. Not necessarily into bdsm buy i like it both rough and soft. i like more top guys, who are...
  20. D

    Straight gang bang

    I want to tell the story of the best sex of my life, as a now married straight man. And something I need to get off my chest ( I still wank over it). I was out on a night out with some friends and at the end of the night was feeling particularly horny. My girlfriend at the time, who was at...
  21. E

    Male only steam / saunas in Australia gyms (not gay)

    Please list all male-only saunas/steam rooms you know about in Australian gyms or other non SOP venues in this thread. Ideally places where it's generally acceptable to go nude and no one minds. I know a few: Brisbane: Goodlife Gym Elizabeth Street (previously fitness first) - Sauna and steam...
  22. M

    Naked male only spas and public saunas in Europe (not gay)

    Hi! Have you ever been in naked spas, thermal baths or public saunas which are gender separated or only for men and nudity is normal? Not especialy gay places like a gay sauna. I am interested in places which are visited by mostly local people. I visited: - Kotiharjun sauna (Helsinki): a...
  23. A

    Viagra at the Sauna.

    Hi there, does anyone have experience taking Viagra and then going to a Gay-sauna? I usually take 1/4 of a pill, if I know I'll be nervous and I don't drink alcohol. That way I don't get too bad a headache... but I can still feel my blood pressure rising and can hold my erection. I really want...
  24. D

    London places to hang nude

    Hey there. I'll be in London next month for work, but the first day I get in, during the daytime, I'll be free and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on where I should go. I'm not looking for a gay sauna or a sexclub really, mostly looking for a sauna or steam room or something of the...
  25. natprv1

    Naked in Scandinavia

    Anyone else from Scandinavia and used to their naked sauna culture? I live in UK now and I really miss the liberal naked sauna sessions back in Finland.
  26. HungJC

    Clubs / Bars / Saunas Where Big Cocks Are Measured To Get In For Free

    Hey guys, I lived in Barcelona a while back and found about a sauna that had a big cock night where huge guys are measured at the door to get in for free. It was the Sauna Casanova and think it’s still open for business. I know in São Paulo brasil there is something similar at another...
  27. D

    Raunchy audiobook recommendations?

    Hey guys. I listen to audiobooks on my daily commute and I’m bored with everything so far. Does anyone have recommendations for gay hot, raunchy stories. Can be long or short. Lots of sex and lurid tales. Saunas, darkrooms, hot steamy sex…… not really long drawn out romance tales. I use audible...
  28. B

    Spa Castle NY 7/17

    Hey fellas. Gonna be in town Sunday 7/17 and hanging at Spa Castle. Looking for other like minded good looking dudes who wanna hang naked in the men’s wet area. I’ll be there from about 10:30-5:00. If you wanna know more about how it works and what typically goes down, search spa castle in this...
  29. A

    Nuffield Gym Battersea

    This is a new thread to discuss Nuffield Gym Battersea and in particular the men’s spa. The spa, located in the men’s locker rooms for the gym, has a steam room, sauna and jacuzzi as well as semi open showers (glass dividers, no doors or curtains).
  30. 357 Sydney City Steam.

    357 Sydney City Steam.

    Friday Lunch Fun Friday Lunches at 357 (pre covid) have a reputation for being a hoot. Packed with men looking for some lunch fun. Things have quietened off a fair bit, but its still one of the busier time slots where. I went back yesterday after a covid-induced hiatus from saunas. I had fun...