1. T

    Anyone know who this is? Someone’s catfishing with his photos.

    Almost got scammed by someone using this persons images/videos. Does anyone know who the real guy is? Would love to report the account.
  2. redlykos

    Is this a scam?

    Hey everyone... Can anybody answer this seemingly dumb question? So I have this guy (see photos) hassling me on Grindr, asking me to move onto telegram... He's also very persistent with asking for nudes and videos of me playing myself... I feel like I've hit rock bottom: Scammers are trying...
  3. B

    People be out here trying to scam others !

    Damn I'm just trying to sell feet pictures both on feetfinder and one on one !
  4. G

    OnlyFans creator I'm subscribed to asking for my phone number

    so an OnlyFans creator i subbed to the other day sold packages of PPV content and i bought one of them. he prefers if i tip him via twitter, insta, or text next time but said i was okay since he didnt tell me earlier but earlier today, he's asking me for my phone number because the content i...
  5. Chris Levin

    NINNINNIN (Twitter Model and Scammer)

    This is a warning for everyone. This twitter user who's pictures are really attractive is a part of a scam group. I am now one of his victims. He uses a Trojan horse app (which I was dumb enough to download) and they asks a ransom fee for your information. Be careful! Don't interact with him...
  6. S

    Photos & Videos SCAMMER WARNING

    Hey everyone, just wanted to warn you all that this guy is a SCAMMER. I found him on Reddit under the username u/brndn03. I later found out he also runs the account u/Distribution Busy7969 as well. He’s located in the UK. I payed him $50 and he blocked me immediately. At first I thought the...
  7. B

    Photo ID - scam?

    So...I bet y'all have had this. It's the second time I post something similar in here. It's more like for closure, so that I can move on. So, I live in Berlin, Germany and am 41 years old. I guess I'm on the radar of scammers now... Anyways, this profile texts me out of nowhere, freshly...
  8. A

    Photos & Videos NickPain0717 / Nickpain08

    This dude is a scammer. I paid for a custom and never got it. I asked what was taking so long and he blocked me. I doubt it takes days for a 5 min video. Do not trust him at all.
  9. R

    Rywxrld/xryrichez is a SCAMMER

    I made a post on this topic on the Onlyfans Scammers thread but I was advised to make a separate thread to bring more attention to it as my posts on Twitter and other places aren't getting much attention while this scammer continues to profit off his scams. There's a guy on twitter who's name...
  10. C

    Scam Report

    Hello Community, I and many others have unfortunately already experienced scam. But since we are a large community, we can help each other. My idea is a thread where all scammers are collected (not only onlyfans). This has 2 advantages: 1. you can check here if the person you send money to...
  11. P

    Who is this? Help me find this guy they used for a scam on grindr

    A while ago there were a lot of fake profiles on Grindr trying to scam me with some kind of ID to prevent meeting with LGTB offenders etc. They have used the name Gerald, Richard & just FUN. They begin to talk, then they talk about the ID (LHS ID / NGECID), then they show a picture how they got...
  12. J

    Mawee Fit Only Fans

    If you’re thinking of subscribing to his onlyfans save your money! It’s all clickbait. He promotes that you will see spicier content on his onlyfans vs what you see on his instagram. He fails to say that you have to (tip) him for a “good amount” to leak any nudes. Defeats the purpose. Misleading...
  13. K

    Phoenix AZ massage scam

    Hi all just wanted to warn people that this guy is a scammer for massage. goes by Abram. Tries to get guys in Grindr and other places and asks for deposits etc. very good sends pix with requests even finds skyline of the city he’s in from the apartment block he ‘lives...
  14. M

    Cojosmojo is a scammer! Do not try to get a custom video or buy anything from him!!

    He will not follow through! I thought I was the only one but apparently several people have been scammed by this guy!!
  15. sexfanatic

    Onlyfans Cash Master is Scamming ... Using FAKE Muscle Body Suit LOL | @lph@j@xon

    I have to LAUGH. Is this Alpha Cash Master wearing a muscle body suit? All of the videos he's in he never shows his wrist or neckline...because they might reveal that it is a suit. And the few edited photos he shows are heavily filtered and the wrist have been clearly photoshopped. But...
  16. pheremone_focused_


    Performer Name: MisterWorship OnlyFans Account: OnlyFans Twitter Handle: Cost to Join: 4.99/month After subscribing to this creator’s Onlyfans, I discovered that his OF posts are the same exact videos that he posts on his Porn Hub channel (most of which...
  17. bzja2pcpt

    Pheonix Fellington

    So recently i was scammed by pornstar, Pheonix Fellington. I requested a custom video which he agreed to and I paid him $150. After paying he took days to complete the video, despite promising to complete it the day I paid him. When he finally did send the video it was not what we agreed to...
  18. J

    Do Not Purchase A Custom From Master Devin!

    I'm trying to warn as many people as I possibly can. DO NOT purchase a custom vid from Master Devin, a.k.a masterbigguns. I paid $70 for a custom, and an extra $10 since he said he can make it even longer, and he also noted that he would have the video done by the end of the night I paid him. I...
  19. I

    Grindr Spams

    Watch Out For These Guys
  20. C

    Onlyfan Scammers

    so I was following this guy who DM'd to say he'd give out a days subscription to the first 50 people who liked his posts (I knew I was one of them as heaps of his posts had less than 50 likes). Not as surprise but he didn't hold on his word. clearly a scam to raise...
  21. Nixnoxnicte

    Beware Scammer @bogdan81779110

    Hi, Please DO NOT subscribe to @bogdan81779110 onlyfans. He will scam you. I have attached the media that proves that what he said that was going to be in the video is different than the video (its literally the same video as he posted on his normal account) He agreed to send another video...
  22. saamer23

    O/f Accounts Are Not Worth Pursuing In My Opinion

    These are some of the accounts that in my opinion do not deserve to be followed by anyone because there is no nudity or because people ask for additional amounts other than subscription Where Sometimes it's $ 20 or $ 25 a month and We must pay such as to see special things without further ado...
  23. A

    Dom Funari

    If you’re looking for domfunari content, do not subscribe to any service he offers please! Whatever you do, do not buy his snap premium!!! I paid like $45 or so for 6 months and he has only posted a tease on there one time, when I actually talked to him about it he ignored me. I also bought a...
  24. 1

    Onlyfans/justforfans Scammers

    As we all know, quite a few accounts on OF, JFF, Connectpal, SubscribePlace, 4MyFans and other subscriber-hosting pages are not worth the price, dishonestly advertised and/or feature performers scamming people. To create awareness for this, let's use this thread to report on experiences we've...
  25. F

    Onlyfns accounts of models/photographers to avoid !!!

    Hello everyone, This thread to list Onlyfans Accounts you should not subscribe to, in order to prevent you from wasting money and discouraging their owners to keep on scaming. I create this thread because I'm tired of this kind of behaviour and tired of wasting my money, and I'm sure it could...
  26. D

    Chaturbate: chris_banks/the_hammer_cammer

    Does anyone know chris_banks aka the_hammer_cammer from Chaturbate? If so, what are your experiences dealing with him? I got scammed multiple times and I am loathed to admit I trusted him mores time than I should have.
  27. A

    Phalloguage scam?

    I ordered the phalloguage enlarger over a month ago and never received it. Don't buy it, they take your money and send nothing. They responded to only one of my emails with "we are looking into this now" and never followed up. Paypal is giving me the run around since I purchased it as a guest...