1. F

    Scammer - onlyfans rbthorse

    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up that rbthorse on OF is a scammer. He claims to have a (literally) gigantic penis, but the only videos "showing it" are clearly a dildo stuffed into clothes or a speedo. In the only video where you actually barely see his penis, it's small to average AT...
  2. brutallysexy

    Photos & Videos Kian Roberts (@kianr0berts) - SCAMMER!

    Watch out for this guy. Sells content but will take your money and block you. Total SCAMMER and FRAUD. His Instagram is @kianr0berts Have all his content here so you don’t have to waste your money trying to get it yourself…
  3. S

    Clark Gallagher OF: Clarkpb01

    This guy is nothing but a scammer. Messaged him on Instagram and he said he had nudes on his only fans. He does not. His Instagram has more revealing photos than the eight posts on the OF. Save your money.
  4. H

    WARNING Scammer/cat-fisher Marcos Johnson same as Luan Ferreira

    Great looking guy with a hot body and small cock and yet he is a catfisher/scammer. On one page he is in Brazil and on the other he's in Calgary Canada. His storyline is he wants out of the cold and ends up there after Florida [supposedly years in Florida] and moves to be with his grandma after...
  5. S

    OnlyFans creator Scamming subs

    Admitting that one is being deceived by an OnlyFans creator who constantly scams their fans is regretful. They send direct messages to sell Pay-Per-View content in return for censored photos or videos. The photographs that you believed would show their genitals turn out to be the same image...
  6. S

    Photos & Videos SCAMMER WARNING

    Hey everyone, just wanted to warn you all that this guy is a SCAMMER. I found him on Reddit under the username u/brndn03. I later found out he also runs the account u/Distribution Busy7969 as well. He’s located in the UK. I payed him $50 and he blocked me immediately. At first I thought the...
  7. A


    This broadcaster (greeek_god, actual name Alex Griffin) is a total scam artist. Gonna post what I have of him. Go wild with it. Never try and buy custom videos off him or he will scam you. I have much more. Hope more people see this and then I’ll post them all.
  8. I

    Austin Wallace is a scammer

    "@austin_wallace_of" This guy has a free page where he regularly posts PPV content. 1)He has a tip menu stickied since Oct '22 on his page where you can tip him a certain amount and he will send you content depending on what you tipped for $6 for bulge, $18 for cum shot, etc. but he's been...
  9. P

    Bambino8374 & Jorisback Cam4

    Hello everyone. I am opening a new thread just to make sure something is said about those pretend models slash real con artists Bambino8374 and Jorisback. They are by far the most despicable scammers i've seen on cam4. I never tipped them. They pretend to be firemen and to some extent i believe...
  10. M

    Teddyfit19cm scammed me

    I haven't seen anyone post negatively about this guy, and he's mainly known for Chaturbate shows, but I can only warn everyone not to do business with him personally. Haven't gotten scammed in a long time, but I made a mistake with him. He is a compulsive liar. He will make an agreement with...
  11. M

    Cojosmojo is a scammer! Do not try to get a custom video or buy anything from him!!

    He will not follow through! I thought I was the only one but apparently several people have been scammed by this guy!!
  12. D

    @ActivePapi_ is a scammer!!!

    The Twitter account @ActivePapi_ is a scammer!!! He's pretending to sell content just to steal money from you. After the money is sent, he blocks you. Help me bring his account down.
  13. sexfanatic

    Onlyfans Cash Master is Scamming ... Using FAKE Muscle Body Suit LOL | @lph@j@xon

    I have to LAUGH. Is this Alpha Cash Master wearing a muscle body suit? All of the videos he's in he never shows his wrist or neckline...because they might reveal that it is a suit. And the few edited photos he shows are heavily filtered and the wrist have been clearly photoshopped. But...
  14. B

    identification help

    I am in contact with a guy on kik who claims to be the one in the pics attached and I am almost sure he's faking. Pics are blurry and it seems to good to be true. Anyone knows him? Tineye and reverse image search by Google got me one match for a Pinterest thread but nothing further. The...
  15. S


    So I’m here to help others not fall for the trap. This man _jplift who I “WAS” a fan of recently announced he has an aesthetics page. Naturally I wanted to see because I was huge fan. I inquired information about it in his DM. Turns out he charges $200!!! To gain access to a page with only 8...
  16. P

    Donovan Roberts (dominictwin on OF/TikTok)

    Do SUB sub to him. He scammed me out of hundreds of dollars promising to send content and he never did and blocked me. Do NOT sub. - he also has a twin (DominicTwin/Dominic Roberts) idk how his OF is but im assuming theyre both playing the game. This is just a warning to all of you who have came...
  17. penoleno01


    Scam Artist dont buy his private
  18. N

    @sammydadog Onlyfans Scammer

    Don’t buy any videos off onlyfans from this guy as he will just take your money and not provide the video.
  19. D

    Ajmuscleflex Be careful of this guy. He scammed me out of $28 by promising me a custom video and ignoring me after payment. I caught him by writing to him using a different email address and pretending I was interested in buying a video from him. I...
  20. Nixnoxnicte

    Beware Scammer @bogdan81779110

    Hi, Please DO NOT subscribe to @bogdan81779110 onlyfans. He will scam you. I have attached the media that proves that what he said that was going to be in the video is different than the video (its literally the same video as he posted on his normal account) He agreed to send another video...
  21. A

    Dom Funari

    If you’re looking for domfunari content, do not subscribe to any service he offers please! Whatever you do, do not buy his snap premium!!! I paid like $45 or so for 6 months and he has only posted a tease on there one time, when I actually talked to him about it he ignored me. I also bought a...