sean cody

  1. jhedemersons

    Where do gay porn sites like sean cody and corbin fisher get handsome,lean models?

    like seriously
  2. C

    Alex Davis Bodybuilder aka Tripp (Sean Cody)

    Does anybody know and remember him? I have a huge crush on him in college and he did porn way back in sean cody. I only found out his LinkedIn profile but I have no other idea of his socmeds. Wish he makes OF though
  3. T

    Please help me find this guy

    Hi! So I’m looking for the name of this guy that was on Sean Cody and also MyFriendsFeet. He has a thread here on LPSG but I can’t remember his name at all. He’s blondish and from Florida if I can recall correctly.
  4. T

    Walker from Sean Cody

    Does anyone have information on Walker from Sean Cody? Has he appeared in porn elsewhere? Any OF account? Walker appeared in a solo and a hardcore scene with Danny but other than that I cannot find anything on him. Will appreciate any leads. Thanks!
  5. J

    Sean Cody Deleted Videos

    I heard in the Jake Burton thread that Sean Cody has been taking down many of their videos for several of their models. I thought this might be a good place to at least list the names of the videos that have been taken down so we have an idea of what we can't get anymore.
  6. A

    Asian Performers on Sean Cody

    Hey folks- I'm working on a project to compile a list of all the Asian performers by studio. I'm starting with Sean Cody, and even though they're not terribly diverse I was actually pretty surprised to find so many Asian performers in their ranks. This is my list so far and includes performers...
  7. 1

    Kurt III from Seancody

    Hi, does anyone know if Kurt (III) from Sean Cody has an OF/JFF account? He's so hot! Sean Cody: Kurt [Introductory Solo]
  8. T

    Grant SeanCody

    Hey there, I'm taking on the forum in hope of maybe getting other content from a Sean Cody model from the mid-2000. I've been obsessing with Grant who had 4 videos on the websites back then. I was wondering if any of you had stumble into any other content (gay porn, straight porn, models...
  9. Z

    Can anyone help me find this Sean Cody model

    He’s the first film I watched from Sean Cody, but I don’t remember his face & name now and I lost the film. I do remember he cum twice during his whole casting, and once was blown on a football, and there’s a scene he showed a little how he played football I guess, because I saw a football and...
  10. majito2075

    Tanner from SeanCody

    Does anyone know what happened to this beautiful man?
  11. P

    Corbin Fisher vs Sean Cody

    I used to like both sites equally but I now prefer Corbin Fisher. Admittedly, its been a while since I've been a member of either sites so this might be based on older videos but the reasons I prefer Corbin Fishers are: - The kissing. I only noticed this recently but the CF boys use a lot of...
  12. C

    Gay or bisexual actors in gayporn

    Does anyone know or have a list of actors from sean cody/ who are actually attracted to guys in real life? It seems like everytime i find someone that i find hot. They turned out to be straight! Idk why it just turns me off
  13. 1

    Looking for a randy blue/seancody video

    Hello! I'm looking for one of the first porn videos I've ever seen but unfortunately I can't remember much about it apart from the fact that it should be either a sean cody or a randy blue production,the year was around 2007 I guess. There was a pretty hairy, probably latino bottom and a taller...
  14. Cockwise

    Photos & Videos Cory

    Anyone here a fan of this hairy beast? Loved his Sean Cody scenes! Too bad he never bottomed... He had an OF account but it's inactive as of now.
  15. neinmike

    Photo Can someone ID this Sean Cody scene?

  16. lmbj

    Photo Hot Handjob Finishes from Sean Cody

    A collection of handjob finishes in non-handjob scenes from specific models or studios. Past threads: A Collection Of Cumming By Handjob In BAO Scenes Alex Mecum Being Jerked Off Until He Cums In Various Scenes
  17. I

    Who is this sean cody model?

    Anyone knows this sean cody model?
  18. Rei Hino

    Jaxon Kingston from SEAN CODY OnlyFans
  19. M

    Brandon from Sean Cody's First Scene (Solo)

    Does anyone know where I can find the full version of Brandon's first scene with Sean Cody? This article has censored pictures and a short video from the scene I am talking about:
  20. Sulumon

    Help identify Sean Cody model

    Anyone know who this model is? I thought it was Sean cody but could possibly be from another site. Any help is appreciated.
  21. K

    Help Identify Sean Cody Model

    Can anyone help me identify the hunk in the middle of this photo. All I have been able to find out this picture was from a Sean Cody scene. Thanks
  22. B

    Need help identifying this Sean Cody model

    Does anyone know who this is from Sean Cody?
  23. A

    SeanCody Lan

    Does anyone know anything about this guy who goes by Lan? He sure looks hot enough and on both his ig and twitter, he says he's a Sean Cody model who's in this 30s. He also has OnlyFans and looks like he's a bottom. (Do I see some simliarity with SC Ayden / CF Mitch, both with sexual preference...
  24. C

    Sean Cody Levi

    Anyone have any information on Levi from 2016?
  25. S

    Sean Cody Breeding Scenes

    06/28/2021- Jax Hayes & Phillip II 05/24/2021- Johnny Donovan (Deacon) & Dax (cum-shoved) 04/30/2021- Dale & Cody Seiya (partial?) 04/23/2021- Dean & Dax 01/24/2021- The Cabin Ep 3- Devy & Justin 12/24/2020- Deacon, Bentley Bangz & Kurt (partial?) 11/27/2020- Levi and Brysen 11/09/2020- Jax &...
  26. S

    Ethan From Sean Cody

    I had put in a request in another thread asking if anyone had more video content from this guy, Ethan. because it appears Sean Cody deleted or removed all his videos from the website. this is the only little snippet of something I found. He is just way too hot for his own good. I lost all my...
  27. thejustinbrookes

    Link Parker Aka Lincoln Tunnel Aka Sc's Tobey

    THIS GUY IS HOT and definitely deserves a thread. Love his body. Copied from ksyh11: "I just discovered that SC's Tobey has returned to porn after an interval of 9 years. He filmed a solo and three sex scenes for SC, all of which were released in 2009. He bottomed for Dave and Matt and topped...
  28. Krpt

    Enrique From Sean Cody

    How is there no thread for him yet!
  29. E

    Sc Angelo/dumbjock4

  30. reimaginethat

    Leon Spunkworthy

    Does anyone know if Leon from spunkworthy did anything besides Kennan on SC?