searching for this guy

  1. T

    Does anyone have content of these straight german cam4 or chaturbate performers?

    Hi, im desperately looking for content of different straight german cam4- or chaturbate-performers to share or exchange. Especially these: Fredfrolic (cam4) Endurorider1 (cam4) Endurorider36 (chaturbate) Steakmedium (cam4) Please message me =)
  2. K

    Searching for an OF guy.

    Hi, I'm looking for a guy who has an onlyfans and posted some of his content on reddit, but I cannot remember or find him anymore. He is a bear, white, has tattoos and likes to jerk off in public spaces. If you know someone that fits these descriptions or is similar, please let me know! I can...
  3. C

    Photo Help me find out who these men are

    Two of these guys are definitly some type of asian models, the other screenshot I have is from twitter, tho it said the tweet is from 2019 so I couldn't find the video on the person's account... Help me find them! (Names, instagram, twitter, etc.)
  4. D

    Does anyone know this guy?

    I've seen him in a video a long time ago with his boyfriend but i don't remember what his name was
  5. P

    ludibbl - does anyone has anything on him?

    Like he's so hoooot
  6. T


    Anybody have anything saved from @mxnifestme on Twitter? He deactivated his account or was suspended, and his vids were so so hot. Would love to see anything anyone has.
  7. N

    Photo who is this hottie?

    he’s quite hot. If you know who he is please let me know. thanks in advance <3
  8. D

    Who is this guy??

    The other day i found this video I know the guy have OF but I don't remember the name If you know who he is please let me know
  9. P

    Who is this guy?

    Can someone please help me find who this guy is? It will be much appreciated
  10. B

    Who‘s this guy?

    Hey guys! I found on Twitter this guy. They call him „nick“, but I don’t think that’s his name, cause I can’t find anything about him. On tiktok I saw a website who you can search faces, but for that you need to buy the full version. does anyone know him?
  11. S

    Who Is This

    videos of him were on advancedmasturbation years ago, he's hot and haven't seen them in years can't find anything of him
  12. H

    Photos & Videos Looking for this hot solo guy playing with a guitar

    Hey guys, I have no idea which studio this could be from, but I'm looking for the first solo stilts I ever saw and made me realize, "Yup, I'm gay". I remember that the solo stilts were 15 photos, its a slim white guy, wearing a light green t-shirt, and get this, he's holding a guitar, as if...
  13. L

    Help ID these 2 please

    found this short clip w/o sound and i can't find who they are, plz help.
  14. His video and known information

    His video and known information

    So i have a favorite japanese Jav of this guy on the picture, But right now, I can't find any info on him (He has appered in Here) The only known information about him is his name is Yuki or【裕貴】and that he is 20 year old. Yuki could be his porn name or whatever but whats intresting it...
  15. C

    Can anyone find the social media accout of the guy in this video?

    Find social media account for this male japanese porn actor
  16. LowFew

    Video Who is this?

    Anyone knows who this is?
  17. gubernator

    help me ID this beautiful curly hair guy

    the man with curly hair, he looks so damn hot, help me find him pls gay-guy-happy-to-be-rescued-and-blows-as-a-reward
  18. R

    Photo I need help finding this person

    I need help to find this person. He claimed to be an airline pilot in NZ but it seems he is using someone else's photos to catfish me.
  19. L

    Can anyone find the video or the actor?

    I'm trying to find the video or the actor, but I'm not having success, help me please?
  20. R

    Help me find this guy

    Anyone know his name?
  21. asergayev

    Who is he

    Help me find him
  22. R

    Twink Strip Search - Help Find Source

    Does anyone know the original source of this video on GayBoysTube? Strip Search Twink Porn Authority
  23. D

    Im looking for an OF model

    Hi Im a long time lurker and Im posting because as the title suggests im looking for an OF model i do not have the picture or name of and someone might know... I saw him on twitter and i followed but cant remember the name of him... Things thats memorable: 1. He usually fucks in his apartment...
  24. M

    Photo Help me find this guy, please.

    Hey, guys. Want to find this guy. I think he have chaturbate or onlyfans. If u have any info, share it please. Also would appreciate some vids with him.
  25. W

    John Mario Vargas Marillo

    Anybody know anything about this guy? I find it very unlikely that he only has a Facebook account. But I can’t find any other social media or anything on here through the name. Also, his profile says he’s in Ohio when he has a very Hispanic name and several darker skinned men guest starring in...
  26. P

    Help me find some pics

    Hey, sorry this is so specific but I wonder if anyone has other pics like this one By that I mean almost the same pose, blond hair pubes and pits Thanks !
  27. D

    Help finding video

    Saw it years ago and was obsessed with the guy in it. It was a casting video (looked a lot like an East Boys video but I scrolled through an embarrassing amount of pages on their channel with no luck) and the guy wore just white underwear and was oiling himself up. He was thinner and really cute...
  28. D

    Southern beefcake

    I am looking for a southern guy I saw around here. He had an only fans that he shut down due to getting a boyfriend. Probably mid/late 20’s, beefy, short hair. Posted a lot of underwear/progress shots on his Twitter. He is also a country singer I believe. It was beefycowoby97 or something like...
  29. I

    help me ID him?

  30. J

    Looking for a name

    Hi everybody, I came across a video on X hamster named: her ass needs so much. I remembered his face but I can't find his name or OF anywhere lol. Can anybody help me out? Thaaaanks