1. Random Thoughts

    To be or not to be

    It's odd when people like the front that you project more than the real you. I'd send people meaningful messages here, genuinely interact with them, open my heart out, and get barely any reply. Meanwhile I just have to upload a picture on grindr, showing my face and body, and I'd get taps and...
  2. Random Thoughts


    for the first time in a while, I am at peace. The fog of loneliness is momentarily gone. The colors are back, and I am myself again. Not needing anyone and just indulgence, focusing on experiences and creation. what a time. I wish it can be like this always. :emoji_upside_down:
  3. Random Thoughts


    5:52 AM March 28, 2023 I am often lonely but I find most interactions boring. In real life, people often want to talk to me, but I have little patience for small talk. When you talk to me in person, it should be to solve a problem or get something done. Other than those, just leave me alone...
  4. XxSherlockxX

    Fucking or getting fucked

    I want to see your fav homemade videos :imp: solos/jerking are also welcome ;)
  5. 5

    Peen Pics

    Looking to get the biggest thread of all LPSG user's peen pics! No face pics required, just the cock shots! :) Just something fun for everyone to enjoy, especially me! >:)
  6. shirtlesshunk

    Huggable….so Soft And Well, Huggable

    Flawless! Where’s the beef? Right here, baby. Just look at this stud, yum.
  7. S

    Anybody Have Any Vids Of Their Hookups?

    i love watching amateur videos done on people cell phones. Do you have any to share?
  8. G

    Wanking fréquence for singles and engaged

    Just wondering, I am single and past half of my life but still feel the need to come at least once a day except when some illness shows, actually lack of erection is a good indicator of something not going well health wise (imagine calling the doctor to tell him "hey, I gotta have something...
  9. H

    Photo Is there anyone who can id him? source?

    Hot Self facial