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  1. Daveboogie

    Post work pre cum

  2. superTom82

    Photo Me and my hard cock

    Here you can se me fully erected and hard
  3. Blueeiffel

    Photo Snapchat (Promote and add each other)

    Hey guys wanted to make one of these where we add each other on snapchat and any other social that we want to link. Post your snapchat username and make sure to add a picture of yourself or instagram username to see who we are adding. Hopefully I see more of our LPSG community and we get to...
  4. Emmm.111

    Photos & Videos Show us your best nudes that in your phone

    Just show.. maybe it’s yours or maybe it’s your friend.. just show
  5. Daveboogie

    Day off so not wearing pants

  6. Daveboogie

    Pink thong

    Tried to take a pic in my pink thong but you can hardly see it?
  7. V

    Who's this Asian guy?

  8. Daveboogie

    Ripped my jeans at work so had a little fun with them when I finished…

  9. Daveboogie

    Shaved my hole out of boredom then gave it a nice little moisturising…

  10. Daveboogie

    Baby oiled up ass and hole

    I love playing with my ass and hole when it’s covered in baby oil
  11. Daveboogie

    Post work sweaty ass and balls

    When I get home from work my cheeks, hole and balls are always so sweaty and I cannot wait to pull my undies down. Hbu?


    Probably this is my 4 th post, looking at the response for my other 3 posts,I decided to make another one I'm really fat guy so I prefer selfies than back camera shots and i always had a fetish of doing porno,so as I didn't got a chance that's why I'm posting my nudes here ENJOY IT
  13. Daveboogie

    Photo Can’t sleep…keep playing with my hole…

  14. M

    Who is this guy from twitter?

    please does anyone know what are his socials? need it asap
  15. E

    Help me find this hot guy

    Anybody know who this is? found on tumblr Coral Reef Diamond help me find him please
  16. Daveboogie

    Photo Home from work and the undies are already off…hole is OUT!

    Home from the longest day at work and I’m already two glasses of wine in. Undies are kicked off and I’m having lots of fun spreading my cheeks and rubbing my smooth tight hole
  17. Daveboogie

    My musky undies…

    Just took my undies off after a long day of work and decided to give them a little musky treatment. All over my sweaty hole, cock and balls. Fun.
  18. Me


  19. T

    Anyone knows this guy?

    Anyone knows this guy or has more pics/ vids?
  20. sacdude26

    Help ID This Guy

    Hey Gang, Anyone able to assist with an ID on this guy - IG / Twitter, etc?
  21. Nude in Bed

    Nude in Bed

    too horny to sleep
  22. K

    Show off your nude selfie

    I’m always hesitated to post pictures that consisting my face and my dick, but i love watching people doing so(huge respect fr). Just here checking out to see if any hotties can show your hot face and dick for me (and for the others)
  23. company policy prohibits product

    company policy prohibits product

  24. jackthecarup

    chip (pringles) off the old block...

  25. beauty of a beastie of a dick

    beauty of a beastie of a dick

  26. selfies his dick in the warehouse

    selfies his dick in the warehouse

  27. mercenary cock

    mercenary cock

  28. L

    Help me identify this handsome guy

    Does anyone know who this is? He's so fucking handsome D:
  29. selfies a large portion

    selfies a large portion

  30. selfies skinny hairy big clean cut cock

    selfies skinny hairy big clean cut cock