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  1. company policy prohibits product

    company policy prohibits product

  2. chip (pringles) off the old block...

    chip (pringles) off the old block...

  3. jackthecarup

    beauty of a beastie of a dick

  4. selfies his dick in the warehouse

    selfies his dick in the warehouse

  5. mercenary cock

    mercenary cock

  6. H

    Photo Does anyone know his new tiktok

    He was on TikTok but I think he deleted his account. Now I found his new account on twitter so maybe he starts OF soon when he giant a few follower love his body and ass. Does someone know anything? His new Twitter name is @xjo_jennerx
  7. L

    Help me identify this handsome guy

    Does anyone know who this is? He's so fucking handsome D:
  8. selfies a large portion

    selfies a large portion

  9. selfies skinny hairy big clean cut cock

    selfies skinny hairy big clean cut cock

  10. NaughtyBelgian

    hello from Belgium!

    hi guys, 40 something dude here, back in the day i was quite the exhibitionist and made loads of pics and vids playing solo or with friends. cant wait to share some with you all :yum aside from that i love horror stuff and videogames. talk soon?! xxx
  11. B

    Ass Selfie

    Looking for tips to take better ass pics. Any recommendations from my Gay Brothers?
  12. iFratPR

    Help Id This Guy

    Found these fotos of this hot dude on Twitter and would love to see more (IG, OF, Twitter, whatever). Asked the person who originally posted the pics and said he found it on the internet but doesn’t remember where. Can anyone help?
  13. Alexnord

    Photo Post Your Selfie And Say Something Sexy About The Selfie Above You

  14. E

    Id Please

    Hey guys ! Having a really hard time finding anything about this guy... does anyone have a name or link or anything please ? Thanks a lot ! PS: Here's the link since the image doesn't seem to work https://im5.ezgif.com/tmp/ezgif-5-55f2369035c2.gif
  15. B

    Id This Dude

    Found on a twitter that posted clips without credut & no onlyfans mark. would love to see more ;)
  16. S

    Id Hottie From Guys With Iphones

    Hello! Came across this hottie on guys on iphones and I've been wondering if he has an onlyfans. Reverse image search brought me no results. Here are his photos: Guys with iPhones Guys with iPhones
  17. 0


    Are there any more pictures of Reddit user Murph083? He seems to be British.
  18. 0

    Photo Hung Stud

    Can someone please identify him?
  19. MENagerie

    Photos & Videos Truly Selfless Selfies

    Selfless is the opposite of selfish. If you're selfless, you think less about your self,(by sharing sexy ass selfies) and more about others (by sharing sexy ass selfies) — you're generous and kind. Being selfless is similar to being altruistic — another word for giving to others without looking...
  20. geofinn

    Send The Last 3 Guys Your Selfie

    As in the title. This is for the braver ones are there. Enjoy matching the face to the dick and wanking ;) Post "done" so we can keep it going
  21. 5

    Peen Pics

    Looking to get the biggest thread of all LPSG user's peen pics! No face pics required, just the cock shots! :) Just something fun for everyone to enjoy, especially me! >:)
  22. shirtlesshunk

    Looks Like A Mouthful To Me

    Great bulge between those sexy hairy legs…
  23. Juan Bravo

    Photos & Videos Men With Phones

    there is nothing sexier than a man's nudes! just a collection of pics I found on the internet. feel free to reply with more ;)
  24. happymess

    Photo Dick Selfie Thread (dickfie)

    The rule is simple. Post selfie-like pics where they show BOTH their dick and face!
  25. Monibella001

    Wilson Reyes

    So there's a number of jerk of videos of this dude floating around: But there's rumors that there's a video out there where he's giving a bj and getting fucked. Does anyone have it? I've been looking everyyyyywherreee... Or does anyone have anything that isn't here? I know there was...
  26. L

    Everyday Guys Wearing Everyday Briefs

    Now, I am a fan of the nice Calvins etc as the next guy but there's nothing like seeing regular guys wearing regular Hanes or Fruit of the Loom old fashioned (white or color) briefs... Anyone else? Here's a good example...
  27. shirtlesshunk

    Nicely Filled Underwear

    Looking good… Hot man with a fantastic dick print in his trunks.
  28. C

    Jake Shannon

    Has anyone joined this only fans?? I have been following him from is alex wightman photoshoots and he is mega hot! OnlyFans
  29. Z

    Timidboye2000 - Reddit Twink

    TimidBoye2000 on Reddit Anybody have more more pics or his social media info?
  30. P

    Brave Enough Time Post Your Nude With Face?

    Let’s see how far this will go.