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  1. F

    Self-Suck Kik Group

    Self-sucking is so hot to me, not able to do it myself (yet) but I’m thinking about making a group chat for guys to talk about self-sucking, techniques, motivating eachother, etc… So if you’re interested please comment your Kik name underneath or send me a private message and I’ll try to get...
  2. M

    Help me ID this hot guy

    Can anyone help me id this guy from chaturbate, please?
  3. S

    Finally signed up

    Hi all, i found out about this site years ago when i was trying to find out what happened to dick.net i used to post there and put on cam shows all the time. i'm also on xhamster, xvideos, and flickr. used to be on xtube but they shut down. i've made lots of autofellatio photos and videos over...
  4. Bigdickman20

    Video What do you think of my cum explosions?

  5. K

    Black Men Selfsucking

    Hey, there isn’t enough of these around dedicated to black dudes so i’d like to start one lol. post all that know of :)
  6. D


    Autofellatio Short Story (Real) Here and there are reports today of flexible men (contorsion) who can satisfy themselves orally, this form of masturbation is called autofellatio or selfsucking. But the training for this requires discipline and some endurance, there is a basic training and the...
  7. M

    ID this guy

    Can someone please help me ID this guy?
  8. FitCollegeDude

    Home Invasion

    (Friendly) Home invasion Chapter I – Meeting the son I’ve just moved to this neighbourhood with my husband, and we’ve been living here for about a year now. Hubby is traveling a lot for his job as a marketing analyst. This time he was gone for about a week, making me feel quite lonely and...
  9. L

    Who Is This? (selfsuck)

    twink Sucks His 10-Pounder at King Twinks Gay Tube anyone know who this is or where I can find more videos of him?
  10. L

    Who Is This? (selfsuck)

    Hot teen boy selfsuck Anyone know who this is or where I can find more videos of him?
  11. N

    Straight Man Selfsuck And Women

    I m straight and I like to show to women how selfsuck...... Not a turn on for all of them but are some of them really enjoy it and would love to help and suck it together. What is your opinion about it and have you ever do it together a man with a woman or opposite.
  12. antisza44

    Dirtycouchsx/dirtydirtydirt On Chaturbate

    if anyone is interested please share some of his content on this thread
  13. 1

    What Happened To Hard_rick

    he used to be a model on Chaturbate Watch Hard_Rick live on Chaturbate! and left like 4 years ago he used to have a twitter acc too but i think it got suspended and i don't remember the username his webcams used to be very hot, sometimes he would selfsuck and play with his ass wonder what...
  14. 7

    Photos & Videos Selfsuckers With Monster Cocks

    I'll start... here's a favorite cammer...
  15. S

    Is Ballpumping The New Alternative To Liposuction?

    Hi all
  16. 5

    Self Sucking For Straight Guys?

    Has any straight guy ever tried to self suck or does that make you gay?
  17. S

    Somerset Uk Selfsuck

    Hi all, any selffers like to meet?
  18. F

    Anyone Know The Name Of This Latino(?) Twink Sucking His Own Cock?

    title, anyone have a name or full video?
  19. F

    Exchange Selfsuck Vids Collection

    I'm addicted to watching guys selfsucking, and I have a huge collection of selfsuck vids. I haven't count it accurately, but I believe I've saved at least a few thousand videos. If anyone here has the same hobbies as mine, maybe we can change our collections. I'd like to change the rare private...
  20. G

    Vintage Cock - So Big He Can't Keep It Hard

    Found this by accident, it is a vintage clip, a guy never seen before, he's pumping and his cock is so big he can self suck but can't have a proper erection, any idea who's him?
  21. S

    The Contract

    I'd always been blessed with an outstanding package, but like most men always wanted to be bigger! Let me rewind to last fall, it was a crisp Thursday and as usual I was at the sauna top shelf my slim frame covered in sweat head in my crotch sucking on my throbbing cock, the local patrons...
  22. SSfun

    Is This Fare To Ask My Wife

    I asked this on the ask a woman page and I definitely got there answer I wanted to see what the guys thought. I have been married 17 years and love my wife as much now as the day we got married. She takes antidepressants and has never really had a sex drive. Some times I would go months with no...
  23. SSfun

    Is This A Fair Request Of My Wife

    I have been married 17 years and love my wife as much now as the day we got married. She takes antidepressants and has never really had a sex drive. Some times I would go months with no sex at all. I was not willing to leave my wife for something that is not her fault so I spent years teaching...
  24. N

    Prove Your A Show Off

    Post your self, wanking, self sucking or shooting a load in a public place. Here's me in the locker room having a quick suck
  25. 0

    Photo 9 Inch Dick Pump

    Thought I'd post some taster pics from my onlyfans. My dick is just over 9 inches long and thick and I can take it all down my own throat. Check out my page to see what happens next to Hetty Onlyfans com/superc0ck
  26. G

    Who this selfsucking hottie.?

    Here: Would love to see more of him.... Tbh I kind if look a little like him on my good days but alas not as hung :)
  27. T

    Video Anyone know who this is? or where his other videos are?

    He's got a few videos out there, but they're pretty old and none of them say anything about him. 11 Inches
  28. F

    Photo Yours nudes

    show your cocks and nudes
  29. I

    Need to find this video

    I can't seem to find the video of this. It's just a gif but it looks so hot. Can anyone help?
  30. A

    Photo Trade selfsuck videos?

    anyone wanna exchange selfsucking videos (ones you wont find online anywhere)? I've got lots to trade !