1. D

    Need help finding this movie

    Hi everyone! I need help finding this gay semi movie: Bangkok Online Movie was released 10 years ago and I happened to lose the movie file. Does any of you have the full movie? Where did you find it? Thanks in advance.
  2. T

    Flaccid Semi Huge cock play videos

    Where is the place on the internet to find high quality huge cock semi/flaccid/growing/jelqing videos. bbc Or bwc I’m not fussed. I can’t be the only one look for these video can I?
  3. T

    My favorite videos—heavy low hanging cocks—and just giant cocks

    I’m just compiling a list of my favorite films. Some are just giant monster cocks, some are simply low hanging ones. Please enjoy, and add to the list if you see fit.
  4. Enilart

    Video Video playing with my cock

  5. z


  6. x


  7. Video games

    Video games

  8. Morning wood

    Morning wood

  9. Big fat semi

    Big fat semi

  10. B

    Share Your Shower View!

    My semi in the shower POV. How does your view compare?
  11. fapok

    Self-control To Display A Semi In Public

    Apologies if this may sound repetitive to some of you. I have searched the threads on this site and could not find anything related to what I am going to post now. My question refers to the physical and mental self-control a man has to exercise to display a semi (or a hard-on, for that matter)...
  12. D

    Sexy Hanging Cocks

    I did a search and didn’t find this topic, so let’s make it happen! I love hanging cock. I’d ask for NO WEB pics please, but would enjoy seeing all your sexy cocks pulled from undies, hanging from jeans, free hanging or the like! Partially hard but still hanging is welcome too! So pull em’ out...
  13. J


    hi everyone, first posts tonight... built up the courage to show my bits n bobs to the world! Ha! Say hello
  14. yyzstevie

    Imagine A Charter Flight/return To St.marrten(clothing Optional) With All The Cock Fans On Lpsg

    I think it would be a cum fest after a few hours...whats your thoughts or fantasies with this sexy plane trip to the resort in orient bay...have you ever been to a clothing optional resort...i was just before Irma hit
  15. Semi