sex doll

  1. O

    Video Two Cocks, One Doll -- Sharing Silicone

    While there are quite a few fleshlight sharing vids around, vids with two guys sharing a sex doll are harder to come by. And the ones that do exist contain either older, grainy footage - or the camera work sucks. The only satisfying clip I've come by is this one, from Artem Suchov: Has...
  2. SterlengSilver

    Hi. New. Addicted to Plastic Pussy

    Hi I’m Sterleng. Always found the site in searches, but found it hard to nav. Finally decided to join. I’m looking for a cummunity of people who use sex dolls and fleshlights. Would like videos of people using. Every time you search sex doll you just get ads and sales. Please help.
  3. B

    ID this sexy guy fucking sex doll!

    Please help me ID him! He’s so hot and I wish I had this full video of him fucking his sex doll.