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sex tips

  1. E

    Tips for giving better blowjobs

    Hey guys, I love the idea of giving head, but I don't think I'm necessarily very good at it, do y'all have any tips to help me out? ways to practice before the real thing?
  2. D

    Tips for anal beginners.

    Even if I use small toys and anal plugs I feel some pain and my ass gets dry very fast. Any tips on products, lubricants? I have heard about coconut oil... Any starting position tips? Thanks!
  3. voyeurfan

    How to improve sensation during anal sex ?

    How to improve the sensation for the top during anal sex ? From my experience so far with different partners, once the penis penetrates the hole and the tip goes past the anus , it feels hollow like a cave inside and I have no sensation from it. I have tried different positions such as doggy...
  4. G

    Sex Tips For A Top

    Hi, Long time lurker. Just embarked upon an open relationship after several years together. I wasn't very experienced before and mainly top. Met a guy that I really like, definitely going to have sex, but he's a lot more experienced and has been with many many guys. I do really like him and it...