1. L

    Snapchat daddies

    Hi I'm a 23 years old guy. I'm looking for some daddies. I'd like them to show face but I won't show it to you. I don't have toys. Snap: lonsiri
  2. L

    Snapchat sexting no video

    Is Anyone interested in doing some sexting on Snapchat?
  3. L

    18 spain open to anything

    pretty much what the tittle said. Im 18, im from spain so i cam talk english and spanish. I Will do anything you want me to do, i am really open to anything. Your dirtiest wet Dream i can make it real. Im slim/fit, hairy but im open to shave when you want, open to trade nudes, dirty talk, calls...
  4. jjprodriv

    Is sexting a lost practice?

    I joined this forum as sexting and exploring other people’s fantasies are my huge turn on, but In a present where explicit images are the base of a daily conversation, I have noticed it’s turning into a lost art form. Or maybe I am wrong? Whichever case, I would love to hear your secret...
  5. L

    fingering and jerking off on my neighbours terrace

    18 from spain into everything and willing to try new things, dont be shy to tell me Your wishes are my orders. snap: pedroaa.15 insta: pedroavilaa15
  6. L

    Photos & Videos Two guys kissing on Snapchat

    So I was browsing and I accidentally stumbled on these three videos and I find these videos really hot. Basically, they’re just dude being sexy and wild on snapchat. Does anyone of you here know who these are? Does anyone here have more files of them? I want to see the whole thing, they looked...
  7. A

    Gifted snapchat group (gay/bi)

    new group for exhibitionist men. if you have a big dick add me on snapchat @johander_s and send a picture of your tool to add you to the group.
  8. jjprodriv

    Married dads for private secret conversations

    My kink is reading/tempting married or gay dads who would love to have an experience with a younger guy. I love fantasizing about these stories and jerking off to them during work. In the past, I used to be dominate dads via apps during their work day. Office workers excited me more. I loved...
  9. D

    twink, 19 and super horny!!!

    Hi! I'm looking for a huge thick gross cock dm on discord bonheur#1637
  10. thebussyinvader

    USA 26 male

    I'm looking to sext men my age & possibly for phone sex or verbal. Kik: tightfornoreason Twitter: oldtimemovies Email & text are also great to use if you don't have Kik or Twitter. I don't use Instagram and Snapchat - sorry.
  11. thebussyinvader

    Southern/Kik/Email/Sexting Twinks & Straight JO/Porn Buddies Needed

    My preference is twinks + DL dudes + athletes + models + tall boys (over 6' tall) + younger (I have a daddy fetish, which is why I like younger boys). Please be between 18 to 22 years old. I'm 25. Bonus points if you show face OR send me videos. Long term connections preferred, but not...
  12. S

    Any guys want to chat?

    Does any of you guys want to chat? Would be lively to get to know someone!
  13. DracoBean

    Photos & Videos Luayluvsu

    Luayluvsu on tiktok (currently banned but is going to make another one sometime in the future) likes going live and sometimes he gets pretty sexual. Anyways he admitted to sexting a lot sometimes to random girls too. Soo ik wondering if any of yall here would have something of his ;)
  14. Mss_Adi

    interesting people for sexting and sex

    Hi guys .. I was looking for someone to meet online .. I have both Skype and Telegram accounts and I would like to chat and have virtual sex with someone who is a really interesting persona .. In my country it is seriously difficult to find someone who stands out from the crowd, and who means...
  15. Lemlucifer8888

    Photos & Videos ID This Muscle Hunk Flexing Abs POV style?

    So I found this short clip of this guy flexing his abs in bed and I’ve been obsessed trying to find a longer version or who the guy is. I’ll really take any information you might have about this guy. On yandex I did a reverse image search and I get the sense there used to be a longer video...
  16. boyfalcon

    Sexting Mainlist

    Hi all I'm looking for fit/muscle masculine guys 20-40 years for sexting Let me know if u are interested... Thanks!
  17. aaronthomas247

    Horny and looking for sexting buddies

    I love talking to guys on here and trading nudes feel free to hit me up if you like what you see on my profile :)
  18. P

    Photos & Videos Sexting/sharing Hotwife

    Hello, not sure if this is a thread that exists but perhaps some of you have found or have pictures/screenshots or videos of a hotwife (or yours) sexting and then follow up videos meeting up with their partner/bull.. Care to share? ;)
  19. L

    B*aner Looking 4 Raceplay Skype Sessions With Men

    Hey there! I'm a 27 yo young hot Mexican guy. Skinny, tattooed, goatee and moustache... I'm looking for someone that is into raceplay to have online verbal sex. I love being called b**ner, w**back, sp*c... Feel free to add me to skype: You must be into verbal, pls...
  20. T

    Drop Boxes

    if any of you have drop boxes of guys nudes to share I do too, hmu my snap is tstetson14 (also my nudes account)
  21. Jamesishuge

    Sexy Sexting With A Gorgeous Girl Who Found Me On A Cock Measuring Site

    Here is a sexy exchange with a gorgeous admirer while browsing a big cock measurement site (the visualizer). Girls write >>>> better than men! First Contact: She comes on to me. She initiates by sending a hot picture of her breasts topless and her pretty face with strawberry blond hair. She...
  22. S

    Gay Raceplay

    25 yo subhuman inferior sandnigg*r for white gods to serve. A worthless f*g whose only purpose in life is to serve men of the superior white race. Arabs’ place is beneath white people’s feet. My goal in life is to be a house slave and live in a cage. #whitepower Skype id...
  23. G

    Bored In Long Beach Looking For Some Fun

  24. D

    Gay Sexting Screenshots

    Hey guys, so I love to see screenshots of sexting! It makes me so horny for some reason:) I’ve been looking for any thread for this here and there but I’ve not been able to find some:/ So I decided to just make a thread of it!!! Post sexting screenshots that you found somewhere or yours are...
  25. jennwhite0722

    I'm Looking For A Guy Who Can Suck My Melon ;)

    Hi, im Jennifer. Im looking for someone i can talk with. Also looking for my lovelife here and new friends. IF youre interested, you can reach me anytime in kik, coz im usually online there. My username is jennwhite07
  26. T

    Dirty Chat

    Hey...I absolutely love chatting with both guys and girl about jerking off, edging, cumming...whatever. I have a ton of pics to share and hopefully I can find someone online who wants to have this type of fun with me. I’m 40, athletic build, smooth, 6” cut...and I’m quite ticklish. If you’re...
  27. 1

    Sexting Fun

    Any genuine lads out there.... straight gay or otherwise who are up for regular cam, sexting and sharing porn, verbal filthy chat.... Can use whatever is best... Skype, snap, WhatsApp, kik.... just really keen to meet like minded guys... 37 m uk here.
  28. A

    Model Cameron Porras

    Just finding out about this guy. He’s too pretty not to have nudes. Anyone have anything? He seems genuine
  29. DreamDesire


    Is anyone up for sexting right now? I'm pretty turned on right now and would like someone to message.