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sexy guys

  1. David Arons

    Photos & Videos Guys fucking Pumpkins

    You read the title. Ever since i saw the videos of Str8Cam Jeff fucking a pumpkin, i've found guys fucking pumpkins uniquely erotic for me. We've all seen the videos and memed about it, is it cause we love halloween, is it cause hot guys thrusting into something, either way, it's hot.
  2. J

    Need Help Trying To Find Out Who This Is!

    I need to know who this sexy bubble butt belongs too, cute guy with very hott ass. See him all over tumblr but never any mention of his name. Whats his twitter, instagram, onlyfans? Name?
  3. stiffpoles

    The Welcoming

    Hiya LPSG! I've been a member since October but I do not remember signing up so, please let me introduce myself. I'm a single, sexy Latino fella that is educated, motivated, adventurous, sexy, Latino guy here! Looking for fun, interesting, open-minded people looking to share some fun! I am big...
  4. C

    Brandon Rowland *offical*

    Brandon turns 18 today! This was his morning Birthday post (;
  5. C

    Chase Hudson Aka Lil Huddy

  6. P

    Twitter Video

    Help me find this full video or the guy in it. hnyby on Twitter
  7. D

    Video Does Anyone Remember Porn User Dany_paulik

    Does anyone have the full length video's, I believe Dany started was on Xtube back in the day, If anyone has the full video's would appreciate it, They're still so hot in 2020 Vid #1 : Vid #2 :
  8. fitstud95

    Photo Sexy Straight Guy Ty

    i've seen pics and videos of this guy ty (some places i notice people call him nicholas). does anyone have any info on him or any other pics/videos? i'm obsessed with him lol so sexy. there used to be a thread called 'ty ty (famous thread),' but idk what happened to it
  9. M

    Edvin Palmer Is So Sexy

    I think Edvin Palmer is so handsome and sexy. Just check out his body! I love the bulge at the end of the video: