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  1. LilPoundcake454

    Tops sharing their bottoms

    Starting a thread to collect all kinds of videos where tops share their bottoms with each other, because sharing is caring :emoji_kiss_mm: And I don’t mean threesomes where two tops share one bottom. I mean the videos were multiple bottoms being shared around in different positions.
  2. F

    Lewis mcentee

    Anyone able to pm me a vid of Lewis mcentee/ lewismce
  3. O

    Photos & Videos MetroMike

    Have always enjoyed him on tiktok and think he is hot af but anyone know if they have any leaks, he also has OF but don't think he posts nudes unfortunately https://linktr.ee/metromikeofficial?fbclid=PAAaYk4KtbgHAVoeRo1L8xrvkm-BeBIPkNtD6F8H55f_3SBfkBNdt5OnHvbBc Hopefully can see his body if...
  4. U

    WhatsApp group?

    Hey I’m Dutch and love to get off on other guys jerk, cum and fuck video’s. Is there any kind of WhatsApp group I can join where guys send that kind of stuff of their own? And if not I would love to get those videos in my WhatsApp by private messages . +31645783307
  5. TommoB

    amateursdoit Aussie guys

    A bit of a biased Aussie hers, but I feel I have hot gold here. Amateursdoit currently I am obsessed with Jamie j Kaleb and Jamie I love to here a cute Aussie talk dirty If any of you have favourite Aussie porn stars or vids please reply.
  6. T

    Google photo albums

    Hey, I'm looking for more Google photo albums to join. Anyone have any?
  7. B

    Anyone have full lenght videos of these scence?

    Blowing A Beautiful Str8 Boy Dick Hi everyone does anyone have a copy of these scenes from joe schmoe videos please share I am finding these videos for days now and I can't find this scene, thank you
  8. Q

    NEW SNAPCHAT GROUP For Everybody/ Straight-Closet-Bi-Gay

    Ello boys, im wanting to start new snap group where everyone can show off with no strings attached. If you like showing off to others and with other then message me and ill add you to the new group.
  9. S

    Photos & Videos Marco Cinelli Onlyfans

    Marco Cinelli, conosciuto su tiktok e instagram, ha aperto Onlyfans (OnlyFans). Qualcuno ha qualcosa di suo?
  10. M

    Photos & Videos File hunting for this guy!

    Anyone who has this file? Message me if u do please :)
  11. G

    Photos & Videos Leandavexx

    Does anyone have content on this guy?
  12. C

    Photos & Videos Gay Model Share & Swap

    I created this thread to exchange and share porn content from model onlyf@ns, top4f@ns ... -To avoid blocking or deleting content just post photos and videos without adding the model name. -Add here only photos and videos and the number of photos or videos you have of this model if you want to...
  13. D

    Links Share Your Onlyfans :)

    Thought I'd create a thread for sharing your onlyfans pages, I'm also looking for somone to sub too aswell :) I know they're may be a thread like this already but thought I'd start a fresh
  14. J

    Can Anyone Id This Guy And Share Their Files?

    Hi, can someone please id him and share file?
  15. gayundymodel

    Post Your Twitter So We Can Follow Each Other

    Mine is @gayundymodel https://twitter.com/gayundymodel
  16. SluethOfSecrets

    Stanley Dru (@stanleydru)

    Thought I'd start a thread on this guy! He's a relatively small influencer with about 48k on tiktok and 41k on insta, but he's super cute, and has one heck of a bubble butt too! There's a lot of content out there for him so I guess this thread can just be used to lust over him and share content!
  17. S

    Straight Naked Travellers/ Gypsies

    Does anyone have any photos or videos of naked straight gypsies or travellers. Find them really hot, here’s a few that have been floating about of Connor Hamer.
  18. H

    Do I Share Wife With Neighbour?

    Hi guys, Wanted to get some thoughts on the situation I'm a married man (both early/mid 30s), professional and in fairly ok shape. I'm bi (not out to mrs or otherwise) and we have a good sex life. 4 or so years ago, drunk with a good friend of mine we had a mmf, and it was amazing. Since then I...
  19. W

    Nyc Looking For Fun

    Hello all we are a couple in our 30's who enjoy bringing some extra fun in the bed room. So any sexy ladies or hung preferably bi hung young men would like to join us feel free to reach out! We can only really meet on weekends or nights mostly. Hope to see ya soon!
  20. Brnthswy

    Arno Diem

    Anything on this gorgeous specimen? arnodiem on insta
  21. H

    Wanna Share Your Gf?

    24 m here looking to see some pics of your gf/ex and have fun Kik : hellothere98i8 This is me
  22. Love in a Mist

    Reason You Wear Underwear

    Greeting all dude! As I know up, I saw my dad my friend wearing underwear and I just conform to them put it on too. For your experience, do you have any personal reasons , experience and being told any reasons to wear it as you become a 18+ man. Love to hear your hot story here....
  23. T0M

    Wife is needing some huge cock

    My wife is craving some big cock, anyone interested? https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/albums/wife-in-ottawa.194607
  24. I

    Anyone interested in a kik porn sharing group?

    As the title I've got some really good videos looking to start a new group, if there's enough interest leave your Kik or message me I'll add you.