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  1. Gasser

    Artem Rosensaft - Gutkowski | YouTuber

    I never understood what nationality he was. He is Russian-speaking, but not Russian, Youtuber. Instagram: Artem Rosensaft - Gutkowski (@artgutkowski) • Instagram photos and videos YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/%D0%A7%D0%95%D0%A0%D0%9D%D0%AB%D0%99%D0%9A%D0%90%D0%91%D0%98%D0%9D%D0%95%D0%A2
  2. J

    Video Does anyone know the names of these two hot guys? (tiktok/reel)

    Does anyone know the names of these two hot guys? (tiktok/reel)
  3. J

    Avraham Arenson, Israeli actor

    Avraham Arenson |ארנסון אברהם (born February 24, 1997) is a Canadian-born Israeli actor, model, screenwriter and director.
  4. fireice42

    Gerald Downey

  5. T

    David Warner

    Australian cricketer David Warner is one the best looking sportsman in the industry. He seems to like to go shirtless often, which is to our benefit. Is there any more occasions that he's gone shirtless, or even naked? (here's hoping)
  6. fireice42

    Andrew Rogers

  7. A

    Eduardo Soto (Mexican singer)

    He is so hot! Does anyone have anything on him ?
  8. Alexis5H

    Ade_Mcdreamy @Dopeflair

    Nigerian fitness Model
  9. sacdude26

    Help ID This Guy

    Hey Gang, Anyone able to assist with an ID on this guy - IG / Twitter, etc?
  10. Putinho_campinas

    A talk about body hair and masculinity

    I have a strange shame about my body. Even that I'm totally comfortable about my average body shape and hair, I always feel ashamed when someone sees it. I have a particular problem about staying shirt less, even though I really want to and actually feel comfortable while doing it, I'm always...
  11. I

    Ben Barlow

    Anything on this hottie? Lead singer of the Welsh pop-punk band Neck Deep.
  12. mEnSeEkEr

    Photos & Videos Myles Hart

    I felt like this gorgeous man really needs a thread here. This is Myles Hart, born 1991, actor, singer, dancer, model. He currently stars as Doctor Gotswana in the West End production of Book of Mormon. He's got an incredibly hansome face with a great smile and his body is to die for. He's also...
  13. D

    Jakob Ingebrigtsen

    I was quite surprised that there doesn't seem to be a thread on Jakob Ingebrigtsen yet. That's why I'm starting one here.
  14. G

    Anthony Carrigan (Hank in HBO's Barry)

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread devoted to him yet! He's shirtless twice on the latest episode (season 03 episode 01).
  15. M

    Jon Moxley

    Hope I can find some men that appreaciate this masculine, rugged, hairy man as much as I do.
  16. natesols

    Kevin De Bruyne

  17. DerekD

    Photos & Videos Miles Burris (American football player and actor)

    Miles Burris
  18. J

    Freddy Miyares

    Superhot Freddy Miyares is an American actor of Cuban and Honduran origins who is mainly known for his role in When They See Us (2019) where he played Raymond Santana.
  19. J

    Tom Forbes (actor)

    Tom Pierre Forbes, born on January 10, 1993, is an American actor known for his roles in Knightfall, Dead in October, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, etc.
  20. Sandboy77

    Bear Brown

    Love the show Alaskan Bush People, mainly due to the hot sons, Bear Briwn is definitely the hottest. If anyone has anymore pics of him that's not on his Instagram (hoping for fully naked )
  21. D

    mpm0ney (TikTok)

    Thought I'd start a thread on this guy I found on TikTok who's hot af. He's only sometimes active, but has a decently-sized following considering that. Matt (@mpm0ney) TikTok | Watch Matt's Newest TikTok Videos
  22. J

    Arthur Cazaux

    Anyone got something of the tennis player Arthur Cazaux?
  23. D

    Photos & Videos Robin Lord Taylor

    I always searched the internet looking for any sign that he for sure had a shirtless pic somewhere, it was then in tumblr when i came across a person who gavw me the details i was searching for, this person told me the name of the movie where this actor shows up shirtless, as an only lifetime...
  24. C

    Christopher Russell

    Anything on this Canadian hunk?
  25. E

    Photos & Videos luislp14

    Perhaps an interesting discovery is this fitness guy. --Home gym TikTok-> Luislp1405 Insta- luislp14
  26. J

    David Alvarez (actor)

    David Alvarez-Gonzalez (born May 11, 1994) is a Canadian dancer and actor of Cuban origins, best known for roles in Billy Elliot the Musical, American Rust, and as Bernardo in 2021's West Side Story. There are not many shirtless photos yet, but the ones that exist are very hot. In other words...
  27. something011

    anyone know who he is? he's hot af

    found him on tiktok, he's really hot
  28. something011

    Anyone Know Who This Guy Is?

    found this guy on tiktok but i can't find his username or any other photos of him
  29. riqui22

    Gabriel Novaes (gorgeous Brazilian Actor!)

  30. J

    Nick Creegan

    Nick Creegan is an American actor and rapper of Jamaican roots. He's mostly known for his roles in Law and Order: Organized Crime and The CW's Batwoman.