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  1. C

    cum too thick from Lecithin / advice or supplements to shoot further

    I was trying out some supplements to boost my cum load to get some more spurts but mostly to cum further. So far I'm taking the following from PipingRock: Horny Goat Weed Graminex Celery Seed Zinc Pygeum Which gave me some decent results, usually I'm able to shoot to my belly or chest 1-2...
  2. pvn

    LOOKING FOR MALE MODELS IN LONDON (non-limited to professionals)

    Hello there, I am looking for male models (who don't have to be professional), to shoot with me for my ongoing personal project about the male body. I need you to be at ease with your image and body and open to nudity. If you have experienced in modelling, great, but if not that's not a...
  3. J

    Clear to oozing to shooting

    At what age did you guys go from clear cum to oozing cum to full on shooting loads?
  4. C

    Steven Klein Shoots Male Model Matt Van De Sande

    Classic Steven Klein
  5. Kaiowolch

    Jhona Burjack

  6. W

    Video Videos Of Self Facials

    Hey all, Looking for some new videos of good self facial videos! Any recommendations help. Prefer if they're natural rather than forced (ie: doing a summer salt to aim at their face). I'll post one of my favorites to start. XXXSuperSoaker95 (@SSoaker95) | Twitter Prefect example of what I'm...
  7. goander

    Seen You Cum

    How many people have seen you spurt your load in real life? I believe 13 for me. 2 guys & 11 girls.