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short guy

  1. B

    Pete Blackburn

    My favorite local sports commentator deserves a thread. He may be a short king but he is so damn sexy! Anyone have anything on him?
  2. jjprodriv

    Why do you like short guys?

    I’m a 1,63mt / 5.3’ guy who has been fetishized a lot for being short, and I’ve been always curious on what people like about someone being small. For me it’s not much of a big deal as I love being lifted and have a thing for very tall guys, but I am extremely curious to know what drives guys...
  3. B

    Short hung guy. Invisibility/Fetishisation

    Hello everyone! As a starting point, let me share a bit about my experience. I’m a 28yo white man living in central europe, 1,70 m (5’7”), fit yet rather skinny, with dick size at 21x15 cm (8,25x6 in.) and quite introverted/reserved. When I go to cruising bars and remain in the less sexual...
  4. D

    ID of these two guys, please???

    Does someone knows who are the guys in this video or their @? Tall man sucks short guys big dick - ThisVid.com
  5. P

    Leon King

    Cute little short Verse performer anyone got anything on him?
  6. K

    Anyone know who this is?

    Hey, does anyone know who this is? Trying to find his snap again
  7. Shlevy10

    Short guys with big dicks

    Hii guys, I’m looking for some pics of short guys with big dicks... it’s so sexy- I love short guys
  8. N

    Youtube - Bulge And Bulto

  9. D

    Photos & Videos Hot Short Muscly Gymnast

    just found this hot vid of a short muscly gymnast playing with his hole! Short college gymnast fingers his tight hole - ThisVid.com anyone else got pics or vids or short muscly guys?
  10. F

    Nyc : Short Guys With Big Dicks

    If there are any dudes 5' 6" or under with big dicks in NYC or the area...I want to meat you. DM me.
  11. L

    Dirty talk

    Hey guys 19, Gay, 5'2 little extra guy here. Looking for maybe some snapchat fun with descreet dominate guys. I love dirty talk and dicks. If you're interested maybe PM for my snap!