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  1. M

    Can you help me find this video?

    There’s this great show off video I saw years ago that someone filmed off their neighbour taking a shower through a frosted window, where you could almost see everything. It was so hot. You could basically see everything, as the shower was right next to the window. Is anyone able to find this? I...
  2. K

    Help identifying this guy showing off in the shower

    What’s his name and does he have an OF I can subscribe to? Twink in the shower - ThisVid.com
  3. P

    Adventures In The Open Showers

    Anyone else miss the old days when gym showers were large and open, with a parade of cocks on display? I started going to the gym in the 90s, when I was 18. Back then the only gym we had in town - or at least the only one close enough for me to walk to - was on the college campus. The leisure...
  4. D

    Who's this daddy?

    Do you know who's the man in the video??? Saw this on a telegram group but had no information of his name or @
  5. S

    Shower together on skype

    Who's in? ;) My nickname: live: n y h t e g a l e (without spaces)
  6. C

    Twink swimmer in shower - ID help

    This has been around for a few years, but does anyone know the story behind this video? https://biguz.net/watch.php?id=4331012&name=sexy-twink-swimmer-hardon-bonner-hot-pool-showers-gym Can anyone make out what language is being spoken? Is it staged? Thanks!
  7. S

    Jock riding a huge dildo in the shower

    Here's a video of a hot jock in the shower impaling himself with a huge dildo. Does anyone know where this is from or who it might be? A Jock and His Dildo having one of those moments.
  8. T

    Places to see dick in Toronto (gyms/korean spas/bars at urinals)

    Hi all, I'm going to Toronto in a few weeks and I'm wondering if you have any recommendations for places where I can see straight dick? I love watching straight guys shower in open showers/locker rooms, russian/korean bath houses, or bars that have urinals with no dividers. (I just like to see...
  9. FJP

    Help identifying JFF account

    Does anyone know who this is or what the Just for fans account is? I found this online but no one’s been able to identify him. Anyone here know? Would love to find out and see what else he’s got
  10. BillyPilgrimOD


    Videoed myself showering, because why not?
  11. M

    Summer camp experiences/stories

    If anyone wants to share their summer camp experiences, any good stories while sharing a cabin, shower time? Or seeing naked counselors?
  12. B

    Help ID this muscle jock in the shower

    Anyone know who this hot guy is?
  13. T

    The football coach and his very talented team

    Disclaimer: I’m going to start sharing a story I read a few years ago on the internet. This story is not mine. If someone knows the author, let me know so I can give the corresponding credits or take the appropriate actions. This story is really hot and I didn’t want it to get lost on the...
  14. T

    Video Hot boy in shower

    Anybody here know this boy? I found this video of him on Twitter and thought it was the only one. Then after a few months I saw him on Telegram but just a very short clip reuploaded in a group chat. Please help! I'm dying to find him.
  15. A

    ID these hung shower dads?

    can anybody ID them?
  16. T

    Help identify naked guy in bathroom

    Guys. I have seen this video thousands of times and I’m pretty sure the naked guy set the camera up. He’s hot as fuck but this is the only video I have ever seen him in! Are there more???
  17. Lesgetmessy

    Hello everyone!

    Hello all! I am looking to expand my group of friends in the community! My fetishes and dreams are anything messy, being embarrassed and trashed, latex, mesh catsuits, anything tight and clingy! Please see my attached photos, I’m new but looking for some excitement! cheers!
  18. Open Showers

    Open Showers

    I miss open showers. In the Army I've seen various versions of the open showers, depending on which base I was in. At Fort Knox there were just open rooms. The biggest gym on post had about 10 shower heads in a square. Privacy from the actual locker room was just a standing wall where one...
  19. Z

    Who is this guy? (Hotties showering together)

    I keep seeing his videos on Twitter but cant find his name! He's so hot
  20. B

    Share Your Shower View!

    My semi in the shower POV. How does your view compare?
  21. F

    Open showers/ communal showers in Italy

    Hey guys, will be visiting Italy soon and wanted to know where are the best places to go for open showers or gyms with lots of nudity?
  22. soaping up in hot company

    soaping up in hot company

  23. P

    Who is this beard hunk jerking off in the shower

    I remembered him being on some porn sites with this video, but it has been deleted. does Anyone know who he is? Can anyone help?
  24. Servo

    Video Jerking to Guys in the Shower

    The shower has never been my favorite place to masturbate.. But lately I've been into jerking in the shower while watching videos of guys filming themselves showering. It has added a fun component of sensory stimulation to my morning jerk off sessions - I'm able to prop my phone up and jerk it...
  25. M

    Montreal gym/open shower/ spa

    Hi guys any good recommendations when gyms reopen. feel free to share your stories
  26. M

    Video TRULY ASTOUNDING SHOWER (in all senses of the word)

    Who could this be?
  27. D

    Hot locker room / shower play stories

    There are now two that I’ve been showering with regularly at the gym each morning. One is this dilf I came to realize I work with and more recently there’s been this muscular hung Italian dilf that has been showing off to me every morning. The Italian dilf is probably in his 40s, married to a...
  28. F

    Open showers Scotland

    Anyone know of any gyms / hotels with open showers or male only saunas in Scotland Edinburgh or Aberdeen?
  29. hotwife56

    Fucking my self with dildo in the shower

  30. hotwife56

    Security camera catches me fucking my dildo