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  1. Dirtyboi1994

    Bros Before Hoes - a Snapchat group for Curious/Discreet Bros

    This is a safe place for straight/curious/discreet dudes to be dudes, talk about sex, porn, or just show off. If you’re looking to bro out then this is the place for you. You’ve been invited to Bros Before Hoes on Snapchat.
  2. O

    Snapchat group to show off

    i wanna create a snapchat group so we can show off our cocks add me @ bellaruh and ill add you to the group
  3. Q

    Photos & Videos Looking For A Guy That Loves Showing Off On snap But Doesn't Require It In Return.

    Ello im look for long term fit guy that likes to show off on snap. But dont want anything in return. Can be striaght, bi or gay. If you are it please message me and i will add you on snap. I know its a long shot but someone might be out there
  4. tjcantonwine

    Should I do an onlyfans?

    Hey all I wanted to start a thread that I haven’t seen on this site yet. Here’s how it works: Post a picture of your body/dick And some people will reply and say whether your onlyfans, if you were to make one based on your picture, would be takin in cash or top 1% material. if you already...
  5. B

    Who Is This? Help Identify

    Who is this?
  6. N

    Dominick The Show Off

    Hi guys -- hopefully posting this to the right place -- I'm an exhibitionist looking for voyeurs! Follow me on Twitter! https://twitter.com/DominickDeseo?t=5S73fUVvGU2Lnblve2YuMg&s=09
  7. openfly

    Jackinoff In Windows, On Balconies

    Loved playing with myself in windows and on balconies, not more than abut 4 - 6 floors up with a good view of busy city streets
  8. good_guy

    Serious Speedo Question About Size - Not What You Were Thinking

    Hey guys, Serious speedo question here - Would you by your speedo at your size or a size smaller or a size bigger if you like to show off? I just heard from a friend (fit and slim guy) he goes 2 sizes up (!) When choosing his speedo because it gives much more of a loose feeling, makes his...
  9. PhallicApotheosis

    Video Telegram Videochat- Showoff: Straight Hung Uncut Bwc Mega-grower In Need Of Objectifying Voyeurs

    I am present on a variety of platforms but spend most of my time on telegram where I maintain a channel dedicated to displaying my stunning cock but since it really isn't exhibitionism if it isn’t live, I am constantly on the hunt for new admiring eyes to put on me all throughout the day and...
  10. cooldudo1

    Please Create A New Zoom Room

    Can somebody create a new Zoom room I’m tired of going to the same one lol.
  11. good_guy

    Photo New Swimwear - You Choose - I Buy!

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new swimwear for the summer :cool: Planning to go on vacation to places with a lot of water sources - nature, spas, beaches, water parks, pools etc. I am looking for a new swimwear (could be more than one pair) that would meet the following requirements: -...
  12. Z

    Looking For Hung Show Off In London.

    Hey, bi curious 33 m here. Looking to meet and compare with a hung show off in London. Can host centrally or travel easily. My dick is very average and really keen to see a really huge one. Compare to mine. Chat about yours. Maybe jerk off together? Happy to reward a big dick. jsmithnw88 on kik...
  13. 7

    Showing Ass Off In Public

    I am mostly strait and fairly alpha when it comes to females but I have developed a fetish over the years for showing off my ass to other men. I have mostly done this in semi-public/voyeur types of situations where I show up to "show off" the ASSets. There's just something about dong this that...
  14. jp

    Social Media Has Shown How Many Hung Men There Are In The World

    I've been hung for a long time :p and have spent so many years searching for other hung guys - there's never been more big hung heavy horse dick content than today! I can recall measuring my cock and being pleasantly surprised by the results, and then immediately interested in how big everyone...
  15. PhallicApotheosis

    Straight Showoff And Uncut Grower

    Online now
  16. Guay1992

    Looking For Someone That Likes To Show Off!

    Closed at home due to COVID19 - looking for some fun! :)
  17. P

    Show Off Your Balls And Asshole

    let’s see those ballsacks and assholes!
  18. D

    Colombia, Bogotá Show Off

    Any member in Bogotá, to show off and battle?
  19. G

    Looking 4 London Exhibitionists/ Show Offs

    Hey guys Who’s in london and into showing off? Love to see guys freeballing or flashing in public. Maybe set up a discreet roleplay in north London. I’m bi 20’s and love to watch. Dm me.
  20. DGH123

    This Girth Is?

    So I measured it as accurately as possible and not sure what to think about it? Can I consider this big small or OK? Any opinion would be greatly appreciated!
  21. B

    20m Bbc Bull With A Thick Black Cock. Looking For Cockworshippers, Bbc Sluts, Milfs, Snowbunnies.

    20M Alpha with an uncut Black Monster Cock. Also got a pair of heavy big balls. Kinks are anal,squirt,precum,orgasm control. Looking for some hot bbc sluts,milfs, snowbunnies and muhc more or just showoff to someone. Straight guy here. Looking for hookups.HMU Measurements: length - 8inchs...
  22. DGH123

    Length Vs Girth

    Length Vs girth....is it better to have girth or length my ex loved length but my current loves girth so I'm split...any thoughts on it?
  23. PhallicApotheosis

    Watching Exhibitionists Doing Normal Activities

    I am a straight showoff and uncut grower. I don’t care who an admirer is, it’s about being objectified and compelling others to while away their time observing me as a form of vain self gratification. I however enjoy simply being observed and conversing with my audience and not only to single...
  24. DGH123

    Whats Considered A Truly "huge" Girth ?

    Would this considered truly huge? looking for insight since this is my second time ever measuring ! please be honest!
  25. Zach P

    Snapchat Show Offs

    hey fellas! 28 year old married but very curious man here. would love to see what you have to show off. snapchat me: zach_t4444
  26. 1

    Gay uk snapchat group?

    Wanting to start a Snapchat group, lads from on here, up for sharing snaps, live calls etc! If you’re up for it pm me !
  27. 1

    Show off the hottest amateur exhib guy

    Exposing naked guys Find guys posted on the net or on social networks who likes to show their dicks and their ass ...
  28. D

    New on twitter !

    Hey guys I just made a new twitter where I can be a bit more exposed - requests/ideas for photos is more then welcome ! Let me know what you thing :p aka-vildere (@aka_vildere) | Twitter
  29. H


    quiet in the city today. Anyone down to showoff? Freeballin now. Soho area.
  30. PhallicApotheosis

    Straight exhibitionist showing uncut grower on cam

    One hundred percent straight showoff here so please keep your cam off and watch (lovely ladies excepted of course, I'm only too happy when the rare one of you wants to play together) What makes me even more rare for America is that I am uncut, with a short tight skin that can’t contain my head...