1. HarryHardman

    Selfsuckers Wanted

    Are you hot for cock so much that you sometimes go down on yourself? Do you worship your cock - licking, tasting and sucking? Do you take your own load down your throat or all over your face? Whether you can take it deep or just lick the tip share some of those moments right here or message me...
  2. S

    Looking for fit/muscular snap bros

    Hey, 21 year old slim guy with a big cock looking for fit/muscular bros (20+), who like to show their abs/pecks, arms! add my snap: @frickings21 Looking for longer term buddies!
  3. S

    KIK list

    I haven’t see list of guys who are on KIK so why not start one? I’m 37, straight, married but love seeing big shaved or trimmed cocks. Open to chatting about anything while I’m sitting in my office all day at work wishing I was home and stroking all day.. Brickup55
  4. D

    Young & Newly Submissive

    Hey guys. 27 year old bi guy here. Into most everything. Not many limits. Recently found myself into being submissive on cam for other guys. As long as I'm confident it is between us, I aim to please and rarely say no. Hit me up if you are interested in connecting Very nice cock here... the ass...
  5. aiaiaioh

    Picture of you wearing briefs

    Nude is cool but just chilling in your briefs is hot! White briefs are the best but I have few of colored ones. Post away. With face, if okay :) I'll start! Hope to see yours!
  6. I

    Snapchat group 18-25

    gonna make a gay/bi/straight dl group to send nudes for 18-25, add me @csrhd and lmk you’re from lpsg or drop ur user below, just add if you agree to send nudes often
  7. axlthor


    I just opened up my Onlyfans. Let me know what you think. OnlyFans
  8. S

    Snapchat group

    Hey, I want to make a new snap GC for gay/bi/curious guys to share their dick/body pics. Total straight guys are also welcome if they want to show off. If you're down, drop your @ below
  9. Collegemeat

    It’s been awhile Twitter: @Collegemeat

    I just like to show off, if you want to see more. Please follow me on Twitter: @Collegemeat
  10. Dirtyboi1994

    Bros Before Hoes - A Snapchat group for curious/discreet bros ;)

    This is a safe place for straight/curious/discreet dudes to be dudes, talk about sex, porn, or just show off. If you’re looking to bro out then this is the place for you. You’ve been invited to Bros Before Hoes on Snapchat. To be added, add mabrummett on Snapchat and send a message saying "add me"
  11. mephsson

    Video ID this guy?

  12. N

    Gym photos

    I was thinking maybe a thread with gym photos would be fun and interesting. Whether they are pre, during, or post workout. Something that could really be fun to do, see, and could also be motivational. Wish I came up with this earlier because I worked out five hours ago, but I will definitely...
  13. G

    ID Brighton WNBR rider

    Does anyone know anything about this guy or have any other photos? He was on the Brighton ride a few years ago on the WNBR thread?
  14. S

    amin_nijem on insta

    This man is so fine… I wish he would make an OF. He looks like he’s packing.
  15. Z

    Looking for hung in London

    Bi curious late 30s here. Very average in many ways and been thinking a lot lately about seeing a huge dick in real life. Just looking for a situation where we can both hang out, get our dicks out, you be much bigger than me and we chat and compare whilst you show off your big dick and compare...
  16. Dirtyboi1994

    Bros Before Hoes - a Snapchat group for Curious/Discreet Bros

    This is a safe place for straight/curious/discreet dudes to be dudes, talk about sex, porn, or just show off. If you’re looking to bro out then this is the place for you. You’ve been invited to Bros Before Hoes on Snapchat.
  17. O

    Snapchat group to show off

    i wanna create a snapchat group so we can show off our cocks add me @ bellaruh and ill add you to the group
  18. Keepin It Fresh

    Keepin It Fresh

  19. Q

    Photos & Videos Looking For A Guy That Loves Showing Off On snap But Doesn't Require It In Return.

    Ello im look for long term fit guy that likes to show off on snap. But dont want anything in return. Can be striaght, bi or gay. If you are it please message me and i will add you on snap. I know its a long shot but someone might be out there
  20. grizzlytwink

    Should I do an onlyfans?

    Hey all I wanted to start a thread that I haven’t seen on this site yet. Here’s how it works: Post a picture of your body/dick And some people will reply and say whether your onlyfans, if you were to make one based on your picture, would be takin in cash or top 1% material. if you already...
  21. B

    Who Is This? Help Identify

    Who is this?
  22. N

    Dominick The Show Off

    Hi guys -- hopefully posting this to the right place -- I'm an exhibitionist looking for voyeurs! Follow me on Twitter!
  23. openfly

    Jackinoff In Windows, On Balconies

    Loved playing with myself in windows and on balconies, not more than abut 4 - 6 floors up with a good view of busy city streets
  24. good_guy

    Serious Speedo Question About Size - Not What You Were Thinking

    Hey guys, Serious speedo question here - Would you by your speedo at your size or a size smaller or a size bigger if you like to show off? I just heard from a friend (fit and slim guy) he goes 2 sizes up (!) When choosing his speedo because it gives much more of a loose feeling, makes his...
  25. PhallicApotheosis

    Video Telegram Videochat- Showoff: Straight Hung Uncut Bwc Mega-grower In Need Of Objectifying Voyeurs

    I am present on a variety of platforms but spend most of my time on telegram where I maintain a channel dedicated to displaying my stunning cock but since it really isn't exhibitionism if it isn’t live, I am constantly on the hunt for new admiring eyes to put on me all throughout the day and...
  26. cooldudo1

    Please Create A New Zoom Room

    Can somebody create a new Zoom room I’m tired of going to the same one lol.
  27. good_guy

    Photo New Swimwear - You Choose - I Buy!

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new swimwear for the summer :cool: Planning to go on vacation to places with a lot of water sources - nature, spas, beaches, water parks, pools etc. I am looking for a new swimwear (could be more than one pair) that would meet the following requirements: -...
  28. Z

    Looking For Hung Show Off In London.

    Hey, bi curious 33 m here. Looking to meet and compare with a hung show off in London. Can host centrally or travel easily. My dick is very average and really keen to see a really huge one. Compare to mine. Chat about yours. Maybe jerk off together? Happy to reward a big dick. jsmithnw88 on kik...
  29. 7

    Showing Ass Off In Public

    I am mostly strait and fairly alpha when it comes to females but I have developed a fetish over the years for showing off my ass to other men. I have mostly done this in semi-public/voyeur types of situations where I show up to "show off" the ASSets. There's just something about dong this that...
  30. jp

    Social Media Has Shown How Many Hung Men There Are In The World

    I've been hung for a long time :p and have spent so many years searching for other hung guys - there's never been more big hung heavy horse dick content than today! I can recall measuring my cock and being pleasantly surprised by the results, and then immediately interested in how big everyone...