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  1. M

    Sitommi From Instagram

    Hey all does anyone know more about this amazinh guys only fans that he advertises ?!? Also his photos on Instagram are just amazing !! He’s gigantic !
  2. D

    Penis Pump For Beginner

    Does anyone have any recommendations for penis pumps for a beginner? Did my measurements today and I got: LENGTH: 7 in GIRTH: 5.5 in BALLS: 8 in (if that matters, went around thickest part of balls) If anyone has any advice, tips or suggestions please let me know!
  3. cockdrool

    Silicone men in Dallas

    Athletic guy here interested in silicone. Looking to meet up with guys already infused 33 6’ 160 7.5c Con
  4. M

    Zayn @zaynnyzaynzayn On Twitter 16 Inches

    https://twitter.com/zaynnyzaynn/media This guy's dick is insane. He claims he did some shady surgery ( https://twitter.com/zaynnyzaynn/status/1389262918391189508 ). If it weren't for the videos where he cums literal bucketloads I would be more inclined to believe him. I suspect it's a silicone...
  5. S

    Bulgeman Anyone?

    Does anyone remember bulgeman from tumblr back when it was great? Anyone heard from him, curious to know how he and his silicone are doing. He had one of the best silicone results back in the day.

    Time For A New Dildo. I'm In Need Of Advice.

    I love this site because where else can I ask questions like this and get honest feedback from people that know. I'm ready to toss my rather hard silicone dildo. I never really got into it because I felt it was uncomfortable and didn't feel as realistic as I'd like. I've been hearing a lot about...
  7. andresuncut


    Hey guys! Does anyone know what this dude did? He swears it’s not silicone or saline, so I’m wondering what can it be? Or is he lying?
  8. Irishguy

    Insanely Hot Siliconed Balled Bodybuilder

    Anyone know who he is and where I can find more . Great job done on the silicone balls too. They hang really well. The cock looks like has some silicone too. He needs to do more of this show. Love to see it in more Bulge gear out in public or at beach Huge bodybuilder balls and cock
  9. italmuzlboy

    Top fucks bottom with pumped/sillicone/injected cock?

    Looking for fuck vids of tops who've pumped or that have silicone / pmma injected cocks. Hard to come by, but hot to see a bottom stretched good! :imp:
  10. A

    Cockrings and ball tying and ball stretching

    Hello is anyone Interested in cockrings and tying up there balls and cock would one of you be willing to teach me how to safely? This can become a whole Cock Bondage and Ball Stretching Group Does anyone Pump there balls? Or has had silicone even though I would not do silicone I am fascinated...
  11. T

    How big

    Thinking about how big that I'm going to go with my cock, looking at pictures, reading stories, chatting with people and thinking about how I know myself, I think that I'm going to end up blowing it up past the point of being able to fuck. I'll make a more concrete decision once I finish the 300...